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May 2017
5/4/2017 AssociationNation New Episode: Why it’s Time to Tap into LinkedIn
5/11/2017 Meetings and Marketing Intersect: 3 Ways Events are Becoming Central to Marketing Efforts
5/18/2017 Trade Show Traffic — Get in the Fast Lane
5/25/2017 3 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at AM&P 17
April 2017
4/6/2017 Using Known Knowns and Unknowns in Marketing, Content Strategies
4/13/2017 Is a Diversity and Inclusion Content Strategy Key to Your Survival?
4/20/2017 AssociationNation: Building a Home For Content Marketing
4/27/2017 TARGET Your Media Sales Message to Grow Results
March 2017
3/2/2017 AssociationNation Podcast Series Premieres Monday
3/9/2017 AssociationNation Tackles Rapid Response in Debut Podcast
3/16/2017 Lunch & Learn: Creating a Content Strategy that Works for your Association
3/23/2017 Digital is Not the Enemy and Print Retreat is Not the Answer
3/30/2017 Is Your Social Media Strategy on the Right Track?
February 2017
2/2/2017 Facebook Journalism Project is Nothing But A Much-Needed PR Stunt
2/9/2017 Dark Energy in the Digital Age: Don’t Settle for Not Knowing
2/16/2017 Mission Embraced: Movie-Style Storytelling
2/23/2017 Do You Have What it Takes? Insights on Taking Home EXCEL Awards
January 2017
1/4/2017 10 Sales Email Subject Lines to Get an Open, Read, and Reply

1/11/2017 Capitalizing on the Fake-News, Filter-Happy World
1/18/2017 If You Film it, They Will Watch — That is, if They Think it’s Worth it
1/26/2017 5 Questions to Save Your Readership Survey
November 2016
11/2/2016 AM&P Selects Kellen as New Management Firm, Names Meredith Taylor as Executive Director
11/9/2016 The Power Of Millennial Alignment
11/17/2016Is an App Right for You?
11/23/2016RICK PULLEN: ‘Break Out Any Way That You Can’
11/29/2016Out of Bounds
December 2016
12/7/2016 Surviving the Conversation Age: 3 Ways to ‘Speak Human’ in a Content-Crowded World
September 2016
9/6/2016 What CEOs Think About Communications, Media, and Publishing
9/14/2016 Print: It’s an Evolution — Not a Death Knell
9/21/2016 10 (and Then Some) Ideas to Grow Non-Dues Revenue with Custom Media
9/28/2016 Stump the Content Strategist
August 2016
8/3/2016 Courage in Creativity
8/9/2016 Taking it Personally
8/17/2016 Corralling the Chaos of a Sudden Social Media Storm
8/23/2016 Are You and Your Magazine Ready for a Digital Transformation?
8/31/2016 Association Publishers: Something to Think About -- If You Aren't Already
July 2016
7/5/2016 Reader, Oh Reader — Why Don’t You Love Me More?
7/13/2016 Who Owns This Work?
7/19/2016 Superpower Storytelling with Street Cred

7/26/2016 Editorial and Sales Can Collaborate to Maximize Revenue
June 2016
5/24/2016 Stop Losing Advertisers and Sponsors
6/8/2016 When It Comes to Sales, Some Stress Is Best
6/15/2016 S Stands for Story — and Your Members Have Them
6/21/2016 Associations Can Increase Advertising Sales — Even in the Summertime
6/22/2016 Don’t Take Your Infographics for Granted
6/22/2016 Is Your Sales Team Digitally Motivated?
March 2016
3/8/2016 From Passive to Participant: How Association Communicators Build Engagement at Conferences
3/22/2016 When it Comes to Association Publishing, Proactive is the Best Approach
3/29/2016 The Biggest Lesson for Association Book Publishers
May 2016
5/3/2016 How to Celebrate Your Publication’s Next Big Anniversary
5/10/2016 25 Creative Ways to Promote Your Mobile App
5/17/2016 Websites: How to Nail a Positive First Impression
5/24/2016 A Membership Magnet? Attracting Younger Members Online
April 2016
4/5/2016 The Science of Font Selection
4/12/2016 The How and Why of Publications as Brands

The How and Why of Publications as Brands

4/19/2016 How to Beat the Battle of an Ineffective Blog
4/27/2016 How to Fill the Skill Gaps
February 2016
2/2/2016 7 Ways to Increase Member Engagement with Your App
2/9/2016 Too Much of a Good Thing — Strategies for Handling Article Overload in Journals

Too Much of a Good Thing — Strategies for Handling Article Overload in Journals

2/16/2016 Ad Sales Professionals Going Old School

Ad Sales Professionals Going Old School

2/23/2016 Tips for Shooting In-House Association Videos — Affordably
 Tips for Shooting In-House Association Videos — Affordably
2/23/2016 Build Community through Conversation
January 2016
1/5/2016 How to Win an EXCEL Award? Don’t Try
1/13/2016 The Why Behind 5 Apps to Boost Association Sales Productivity
1/19/2016 6 Simple Things You Must Do to Achieve Your Association’s Ad Sales Goals in 2016

1/26/2016 5 Predictions for Your Content in 2016
December 2015
12/1/2015 When You’re Suddenly Wearing the PR Hat

12/8/2015 How Associations Generate Revenue from Digital Media
12/15/2015Counteracting Content Shock
November 2015
11/3/2015 SWOT Away Lackluster Ad Sales
11/3/2015 In Memoriam: Mitch Mohanna (1952-2015)
11/10/2015Ad Blocking: Publisher’s Downfall or Saving Grace?
11/16/2015Ad Blocking Part 2 — Publishers Fight Back
11/20/2015SEO Basics Every Association Publisher Should Know
11/20/2015Employee and Contractor Agreements to Protect Publishing Assets
October 2015
10/6/2015 Get Excited About the Possibilities That Change Brings
10/13/2015Testing: Your Most Valuable Email Marketing Tool — Part One
10/20/2015Water Quality Association’s New Website Makes a Splash
10/20/2015Testing: Your Most Valuable Email Marketing Tool — Part Two
10/27/20158 Best Practices for Creating a Microsite
September 2015
9/1/2015 4 Tips for Making Your Association Content Upworthy
9/8/2015 Mobile Social Media: A Checklist for Maximum Event Impact
9/15/2015 Unleash the Lightning Bolt
9/23/2015 How to Turn Your Audience Data into an Accessible Asset

9/23/2015 Social Media: What’s Working for Associations Right Now

9/29/2015 Don’t Leave Advertising Dollars on the Table
9/29/2015 Video: Yes, It Can Be Done Well on a Budget
August 2015
8/11/2015 New Stats to Support Your 2016 Media Kit Development
8/18/2015 10 Tips to Make Instagram Your Most Effective Social Channel
8/25/2015 Why Press Releases Don’t Work Anymore

July 2015
7/1/2015 Association Media & Publishing Reveals 35th Annual EXCEL Award Winners
7/7/2015 New Web Designs Should Change How You Write Content
7/15/2015 Three Keys to Integrating a Member Self-Service Portal
7/15/2015 Is There Still Power in Print?
7/21/2015 Revving Up to Revive Your Annual Report
7/29/2015 What Engaged Associations Know That You Don’t
7/29/2015 3 Steps to Keep Your Website Safe from Copyright Liability
June 2015
6/2/2015 How to Create Annual Reports that are Retained — Not Recycled
6/9/2015 Creative Ways to Promote Your Association
6/24/2015 Not Just the Facts: Infuse Life Into Your Data
6/30/2015 3 Steps to Selecting the Right Multimedia Tool
6/30/2015 Busted: Nonprofits Will Have to Pay the Photography Piper
March 2015
3/3/2015 Why it’s Not Smart to Repurpose Content for Mobile
3/3/2015 3 Ideas to Make Meaningful Connections with Advertisers
3/10/2015 It’s Time for Associations to Break Some Trademark Rules
3/10/2015 How to Manage Your Best Content More Strategically
3/17/2015 Turn Distraction into Action
3/17/2015 Why the Latest Social Media Trail Leads to Instagram
3/24/2015 Sick of Selling? Don’t Quit Just Yet
3/24/2015 Silos are for Farmers — Not Marketers
April 2015
3/31/2015 What’s Your Take on Staff Editors Writing Sponsored Content?
3/31/2015 Pitfalls and Profits of Using Rented Lists: The Devil is in the Details
4/6/2015 5 Best Practices for Association Mobile App Development
4/6/2015 People are the New Social Channel
4/14/2015 Avoid These Common Publishing Contract Mistakes
4/14/2015 Build Outward-Facing Social Media Profiles
4/21/2015 … And the Walls Came Tumblin’ Down
4/21/2015 People-Centered Content
4/28/2015 Stop Putting it Off: Create a Style Guide
4/28/2015 Style is the New SEO
May 2015
5/5/2015 Grammar Girl: The Face Behind the Avatar
5/12/2015 7 Tips for Creating Successful Infographics

5/19/2015 Print is Prestige — But Does Online Outperform?
5/26/2015 How to Create a Rewarding Career in Association Publishing
5/26/2015 4 Great Design Ideas for Your Association Newsletter
February 2015
2/3/2015 Prepping for your print interview
2/3/2015 5 Truths of Audience Monetization
2/10/2015 More Tips for Entering the EXCEL Awards
2/10/2015 The Brutally Honest Truth about Ghostwriting
2/17/2015 Why People Contribute in Private Online Communities
2/18/2015 15 Ways to Increase the Click-Through Rate on Your Tweets
2/24/2015 How USPS Could Impact Your Budget in 2015
January 2015
1/6/2015 How to Avoid App Liabilities
1/6/2015 The Secret to Content Marketing — and Why Associations Should Care
1/13/2015 Defending Your Print
1/13/2015 Association Media & Publishing Names Adams New Executive Director
1/20/2015 Magnetic Membership: How to Create a Stronger Draw
1/20/2015 Pocket Guide to Great Video
1/27/2015 Three Practical Parallels Between PR Firms and Associations
1/27/2015 New Year Tasks to Tune-Up Your Online Community
December 2014
12/3/2014 Demystifying the Scholarly Journal
 Here’s why (and how) your organization’s scholarly journal and other publications should forge a deeper, more collaborative partnership.
12/3/2014 Change Your Story, Change Your Outcome, a 2014 Association Media & Publishing EXCEL Award winner, switched from a reliance on local print and outreach campaigns (outbound marketing) to a focus on its website (inbound marketing) and boosted site traffic by 55 percent and web conversions by 700 percent.
12/10/2014Measuring and Analytics Reveal What’s Reasonable to Expect of Your Publications in 2015
  In this exclusive interview with Monica Bussolati, principal of Bussolati Associates, she encourages associations to think about whether they are doing enough to understand their members — or planning to do basically the same thing they've always done next year.
12/10/2014Bracing for Major Media Mentions
 Is your association ready if it is suddenly thrust into the limelight? Here’s the story of one organization’s few seconds of TV fame and how it turned the mention into tens of thousands in donations for an association scholarship program.
12/17/2014How to Increase Engagement with Better Calls-to-Action
 Here are six tips on how to get members to say "yes” to the opportunities you present for them to get involved.
12/17/2014Harness the Power of Instagram for Your Trade Publication
 Instagram is growing in importance, and it can help trade publishers reach more than 200 million monthly users.
November 2014
11/5/2014 Print Gets Their Attention, Digital Brings It to Life
  While platforms proliferate for pushing content to all manner of mobile devices, an effective publishing program begins with coordinated, consistent messaging across your organization.
11/5/2014 7 Ways to Source Members for Your Association’s Online Community
  New member acquisition is an important element for sustaining online customer or member communities. Here’s how you can start implementing plans to increase member acquisition right away.
11/12/2014Break the Curse of Media Kit Selling
 The top salespeople in publishing today have learned to lead their prospects by asking great questions and delivering unique and impactful audience first proposals.
11/12/2014Does Your C-Suite Believe in Social Media?
 Forbes’ '50 Most Influential CMOs on Social Media' shows that the C-suite is still not embracing social.
11/19/2014Taking Your Print Publications into the Digital Space
 At a recent AM&P round table discussion, attendees gained a snapshot of what Adobe DPS can offer, with insights from one of the design firms that beta tested the original software.
11/19/2014Integrating Digital Media? Don’t Start Without a Plan
 Leveraging digital media into your association's communications strategy can enhance member engagement and even increase revenue, but don’t jump in just because everyone else is.
October 2014
10/1/2014 4 Tips for Turning New Community Members into Regular Members
 As each day passes, the likelihood that a new member will engage in your association’s online community drops significantly. Here are some specific strategies for onboarding new community members so that they become active contributors.
10/1/2014 How User Testing Shapes a Website Redesign
  Before launching a redesign, be sure to test the user experience and match that against your goals.

10/8/2014 Use Your Content to Build Long-Lasting Member Relationships
  Inbound marketing is much more than simply using social media to post content. Here are five essential elements to help associations attract, retain, and activate members through an inbound marketing strategy.
10/8/2014 Got Data?
  Big data doesn’t have to equal big problems. Here’s how to use big data to drive your association’s content and publishing decisions.
10/15/2014Transition Tips from Listserv to Online Community
 Online communities offer expanded features for member engagement, but migrating from your listserv is a process best handled with care.
10/15/20144 Steps to a Sustainable Nondues Revenue Program
 You can think of numerous ways to increase your bottom line beyond member dues, but the best ideas are scalable and repeatable.
10/22/2014Associations, Don’t Cannibalize Your Advertisers
 Are different departments in your association pitching the same advertiser for various products at the same time? Here’s how to avoid problems through more careful internal coordination and communication.
10/22/2014Strategies for Engagement Beyond the Paywall
 You may be giving non-members access to content and communities in the name of engagement, but case studies show that this does not result in an increase in memberships. Measuring comments and clicks is great, but if they aren’t moving the needle on your organization’s success, what is the point? The goal is to measure engagement by how it improves your membership rates.
10/29/2014Talk Radio May Be Your Best Bet for Publicity
 If your looking to build your association’s brand within a particular constituency or even the general public, here’s why talk radio should be one of your strategies.
10/29/2014Yes, Cybersecurity Framework Does Apply to Associations
 DOJ letter on cybersecurity offers guidance for association-sponsored information exchanges.
September 2014
9/2/2014 What It Takes to Have a Great Online Community
 Mix and match some of the solutions below to energize your association's online community.
9/2/2014 Why Q4 Promotion is Critical to Your Bottom Line
  For associations hoping to maximize sales in the months ahead, it's smart to plan publicity and promotions to keep your brand in front of potential customers from now through the holidays.

9/10/2014 6 Tips for an Award-Winning Tablet App
  Heifer International shares important lessons learned when creating a tablet app from a print magazine.
9/17/2014 Your Most-Asked Email Marketing Questions Answered
  If you’re interested in the average email deliverability and open rates for association emails — and how to make yours better — read on.
9/17/2014 6 Tips for Writing Eye-Catching Subject Lines
 Can weak email subject lines actually hurt your online community engagement?
9/24/2014 10 Transformative Meetings Technology Trends for 2015
  Here’s a list of technologies to become more familiar with as you plan your association’s communications for next year.
9/24/2014 Publishers vs. LinkedIn: Who Will Remain Standing?
  Where would you put your money in this fight?
August 2014
8/6/2014 The Difference Between Advertisers and Sponsors — and Why You Should Care
 The distinction between advertising and sponsorship income is extremely important, since net advertisement revenue is generally subject to the unrelated business income tax (UBIT), while sponsorship revenue is tax-free. Here’s how to make the distinction less confusing.

8/6/2014 The Carnival as a Metaphor for Alluring Content
 Just like a carnival, variety brings visitors.
8/13/2014 Evaluating the ROI of a Private Online Community
 Online communities aren't the right fit for every association. However, since the platform is so flexible, the potential is vast. Bottom line: It’s worth investigating.
8/13/2014 Associations Increase Social Media — But It's Not a Revenue Source
 New study provides data on associations' income from sponsorships, advertising, and other media assets, showing that while nonprofits are embracing digital media, their revenue is coming from elsewhere.
8/20/2014 Call LinkedIn What it is: A Global Economic Platform
 LinkedIn may not be as sexy as Facebook or Twitter, but its economic power for organizations is undeniable.
8/20/2014 Stop the Communications Chaos: Do an Audit
 The American Physical Therapy Association shares how new member survey results led to a more streamlined communications program. Bottom line? Don’t assume you know how your members feel about your communications — if you haven’t recently, it’s time to ask.
8/26/2014 How to Write a Great Business Blog Post
 Whether you're a seasoned blogger or new to the scene, these tips can freshen up your work and give you ideas on how to get people to regularly follow your blog.
8/26/2014 Publishers vs. LinkedIn: The Next Heavyweight Fight?
 Are you paying attention to the subtle changes in LinkedIn and how they are affecting your association’s brand in the knowledge marketplace?
July 2014
7/2/2014 If Events Could Talk
  What are your events saying about your association? Here are 10 strategies for fueling a more powerful voice.

7/2/2014 How to Price Your Online Ads
 Cost per thousand, cost pre click, cost per lead, or cost per acquisition: Which online ad model is best for your association?
7/9/2014 Are You Complying with Canada’s New Anti-Spam Rules?
 Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation has gone into effect as of July 1, 2014, but there’s no need to panic if you know the basics.
7/9/2014 Pathways to Mobile: Which Should You Choose?
 If you missed the recent AM&P Lunch & Learn in Chicago, here’s what you need to know about responsive design, mobile websites, and native apps — including figuring out which might be right for you.
7/15/2014 Is LinkedIn Your Friend or Foe?
7/15/2014 Sharpen Your Focus to Produce Stronger Videos
7/23/2014 Real Fast and Perfect: RFPs in the Digital Age
 Getting bids for servicing your association’s various media products goes more smoothly if you establish priorities first.
7/23/2014 Leamy's Lessons
 What does an Emmy award-winning journalist have to teach association communicators and publishers? There’s more than you might think.
7/30/2014 6 Tips for Creating Impactful Twitter Campaigns
7/30/2014 3 Easy Tips for Getting Your Association Publicity
 Your association can help a reporter or editor by providing quality content, and get your organization’s name in the news.
June 2014
6/4/2014 Should Your Association be Publishing Books?
  Get to know Barry S. Pilson, CAE , director of marketing and membership for TESOL International Association, the leading association for advancing excellence in English language teaching. Here, Pilson talks about the value of a book publishing program and how some associations may be missing out on a good opportunity.

6/5/2014 How AAAS Tamed the Content Beast
 With broken links and content that hadn’t been updated in years, AAAS committed itself to redesigning the organization’s website and migrating to a new content management platform.
6/11/2014 An Important Conversation About Ad Sales
 When it comes to selling advertising, two association publishers say that some of the best methods are the ones that have been around for years.
6/11/2014 Media’s Perfect Storm Does Not Have to Win
 True change can only take place if we stop thinking of ourselves as publishers and shift to being in the membership community business.
6/17/2014 Turn It Up: How to Increase the Power of Social Media in Your Association
 AM&P’s advanced-level preconference on social media tackled questions like how to get members engaged and how to show ROI.
6/17/2014 Associations Admit They Need to Do Better in Helping Members Find Information
 Eye-opening statistics on communications were revealed in a concurrent session at the recent Association Media & Publishing 2014 Annual Meeting.
6/25/2014 6 Ways to Intersect Publications and Education Events
 Here are some ideas for showcasing and repurposing your educational content before, during, and after the event.
6/25/2014 Getting More from Your Magazine on an Association-Size Budget
 The Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association shares lessons learned when relaunching its newsletter as a magazine.
May 2014
5/7/2014 Why Ad Agencies Can Be a Tougher Sell
  Get to know Al Rickard, CAE, president of Association Vision, a firm that helps associations strengthen their digital and print content delivery and generate nondues revenue. Here, Rickard talks about the challenges of selling advertising to ad agencies.

5/7/2014 Use Technology to Keep Customers Close
 In this age of automation, it is possible to scale the time-honored practice of getting up close and personal with customers to earn and retain their business.
5/14/2014 5 Ways Your Website Could Be Disappointing Members
 Are you maximizing your association's website--or letting some things slide?
5/21/2014 Make Your Content Addictive, Like Chocolate
 Five publishing thought leaders share gems of knowledge and insight with C-level attendees at AM&P’s first Executive Leadership Conference.
5/21/2014 Live Polls and Surprise EXTRA!s Add Excitement to 34th Annual EXCEL Awards
 Which two association publishing teams won this year's coveted EXTRA! Award?
5/29/2014 Promposals or Genocide: It All Starts With a Great Story
 World Vision’s publishing team shares how a great story was at the heart of a recent, highly effective content marketing program.
April 2014
4/2/2014 Your Association’s Content Marketing Plan for 2014: Create, Listen, Engage, Convert
 Distributing content alone does not an effective marketing strategy make. How can you bring more people to the party?
4/2/2014 The 5 Most Important Elements of Your Association’s Brand
 Yes, the design elements of branding are important—but so are several other elements, like brand promise, voice, and story.

4/9/2014 Using Online Community to Increase Member Retention
 Retention is about keeping members engaged with both the association and other members. According to MGI, the top reasons members don’t renew association membership are budget cuts, lack of engagement, and unable to justify the cost of membership with ROI. The good news is, two of those three challenges can be alleviated with online community. Here’s how.
4/9/2014 How a Publication Redesign Impacts Advertising
  Because your clients might be nervous about how a redesign will affect their ad, it’s important to have a strategy for proactively answering their questions.
4/16/2014 Network Like a Pro at Live Events
 As we head into primetime event season for many associations, consider the following steps and ideas to help you prepare and get the most for yourself and your association at whatever events you attend this spring.
4/23/2014 Put Your Best Face Forward
  Meet Stephanie Sammons, a digital business strategy and marketing advisor and founder of Wired Advisor, LLC. Sammons teaches professionals how to build online influence in today’s wired world and has been called "one of the top 25 social media experts you must know” by LinkedIn. Here, she gives some tips about how to select your LinkedIn photo.
4/23/2014 Is Your Content Pulling Its Weight?
 Attentive strategic planning, calendaring, and analyzing results leverages your content so it can measurably help attract new members and generate increased revenue.
4/30/2014 Association Media & Publishing Announces Winners of Prestigious 2014 EXCEL Awards
 Who has captured the honor of association publishing’s most coveted award?
4/30/2014 How to Build a Successful Mobile Strategy for Your Association
 How do you start down the path of building a successful mobile strategy for your association?
March 2014
3/5/2014 Connecting with the Clooneys
 Try this communications strategy: Shine a light on others and watch how it reflects back on your association.

3/5/2014 Bates: Associations Must Face the Reality that Digital Apps are Our Future
 Get to know Debbie Bates-Schrott, president of Bates Creative, an integrated design agency specializing in interactive design, branding, publishing, and other content collateral. A year in to a new partnership with Adobe, Bates-Schrott, a former member of the Association Media & Publishing board of directors, is helping associations harness the power of personalized digital apps and demonstrating how to integrate app technology throughout the organization.
3/12/2014 Hey, Creative Type — Let’s Talk Data
  Associations can benefit from taking a more data-driven approach to marketing, especially creative development. A data-driven approach can strengthen our marketing campaigns and our engagement with key communities. Data also helps us focus on what we can prove — a more reliable point beyond what we feel in our gut.
3/17/2014 Top 10 Ways to Grab — and Keep — Readers’ Attention
  You can seduce readers into stopping and reading an article, even if the material happens to be a little tired. Communications Consultant Karla Taylor and SHRM’s Online News Manager Beth Mirza took attendees at AM&P’s recent Lunch & Learn down their short list of best tips. Hint: One of them involves drawing stick figures.
3/18/2014 New Research: What Influences Agency Media Buyer Decision-Making?
 Get to know Lindsay Morrison, vice president of marketing communications at Kantar Media SRDS & Healthcare Research, a group that collects, organizes, and delivers advertising data to connect media buyers with media sellers. SRDS recently teamed up with AM&P member James G. Elliott Co., Inc. on an important new market research study designed to understand the information needs of media planners and buyers at advertising agencies. What follows are some of the surprising results of this study, which was conducted in Q4 2013 and included 204 individual respondents.
3/25/2014 Your News at 11?
 Does your association really need its own TV network? Here are five strategic exercises to help associations begin thinking about programming possibilities for their organizations.
3/25/2014 Tips for Delivering Focused Web Content to a Wide Audience
 How can you address a very diverse set of members and potential members in a single web presence? The answer is to develop a rich content delivery platform coupled with individual personalization of content based on a member’s account profile.
February 2014
2/5/2014 De Cagna: If You’re Not Thinking About This in 2014, You’ll Fall Behind
  Get to know Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE, chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation LLC. Jeff is an author, speaker and advisor, a former association executive, and he has served on the ASAE board of directors. Here, De Cagna talks about new media technologies that will impact association content, and the ideal relationship between an association’s media products and the industry they serve.
2/5/2014 The Association’s Guide to Google Analytics — and Beyond
 Here’s how to look beyond the basic analytics of page views and site visits to find the data you need to shape more effective online communications. The good news? It’s not as hard as you think.
2/11/2014 RFP for Ad Sales? Not Necessarily a Good Idea
  Get to know Jim Elliott, president of  James G. Elliott Co., Inc. A long-time member and supporter of Association Media & Publishing and head of the largest national magazine advertising sales outsourcing firm, Jim shares some ideas to help associations improve the search process when they are looking for new ad sales representation.
2/12/2014 Finally — 3 Scientific Studies with Real Insight into Social Media
 The latest social media data tells a fairly consistent story: Audience retention and interaction are key — reach is secondary.

2/17/2014 Four Rules for Telling an Effective Video Story
 Video storytelling is within your reach if you know how this popular medium affects your message.
2/18/2014 Preparing to Publish for International Audiences
  Get to know Terrance Barkan, CAE, founder and chief strategist of GLOBALSTRAT who has been building international trade and professional associations for more than 20 years. With offices in Switzerland and Washington, DC, Barkan specializes in helping associations to build global growth strategies and business plans. Here, Barkan helps AM&P members start to think outside the borders.
2/25/2014 Are You Ready to Go Digital?
 Knowing how much time you have to put into it — and how much revenue you need out of it — are two areas to consider before launching a digital magazine.
2/26/2014 Using Technology to Close the Loop on Engagement
  Get to know Monica Bussolati, content marketing interventionist for BUSSOLATI Associates, a marketing and design firm serving associations and other organizations for more than 25 years. Always a forward-thinker, here Bussolati previews her upcoming Lunch & Learn, "The Epic List of Content Marketing Tools" (March 20, 2014 @ 12 pm, National Guard Association), and talks about the importance of keeping up with the latest technologies and her tips on how to do it.
January 2014
1/7/2014 Yes, Google Analytics is Going Away
 At AM&P’s recent Chicago conference, association publishers learned why they need to begin the transition to Universal Analytics, the next version of Google Analytics.
1/8/2014 Digital Publications and Apps: Is It Time to Take the Leap?
 Jen Smith, creative director at Network Media Partners, is passionate about print and digital and has won several awards for her work in both. Here she gives a few pointers for associations considering digital publications or apps.
1/16/2014 Bedazzle Them with Your Blog
 Bloggers new and old received some great takeaways at the Association Media & Publishing Lunch and Learn on how to develop an engaging blog.
1/16/2014 Most Needed Resource? Time
 Learn more about fellow Association Media & Publishing members like Kathleen Rakestraw, former AM&P president, and current director of communications for the American School Counselor Association.
1/23/2014 Zender: Pixels are Important — But So is Paper
 Get to know Anne Zender, MA, editorial director for the Journal of AHIMA and senior director, periodicals, for the American Health Information Management Association in Chicago. Zender, who served as president of Association Media & Publishing for the 2007-2008 term, gives a peek at what tops her list of priorities in the New Year.
1/23/2014 Digital vs. Print: Which is Better For You?
 We love our glossy paper but our reality is digital. So how can you keep your content alive and relevant? What factors do you need to think about as you decide how to invest in your magazine’s future? Let’s look at some considerations when deciding how to address the print vs. digital dilemma at your organization.
1/28/2014 Pullen: ‘What’s Sexier Than Risk?"
 Get to know Rick Pullen, editor in chief of The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers’ Leader’s Edge magazine, and a former member of the Association Media & Publishing’s board of directors. Pullen, known for his association publishing mantra "nothing has to be boring,” shares three tips on how to get members to actually read your articles.
1/28/2014 5 Things Journalists Really Hate
 When sending out your association’s news for publication, remember what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a press release.
December 2013
12/10/2013Storytelling in the Digital Age

Your best tools for engaging readers in a digital environment may still be the things you learned (or should have learned) in school.

12/10/2013Engaging Content for Them, Analytics Galore for You

A recent AM&P roundtable discussion focused on how digital publishing tools can kick your analytics up to the next level.

12/10/20133 Things You Should Never Do to Close an Ad Sale

At the end of the year, you’re scrambling to capture any dollars leftover in customers’ ad budgets and seal the deal on 2014. But no matter how badly you feel the pressure, here are three things you should never do.

November 2013
11/12/2013Tips for a More Social Association

It’s time to invest in social media because one day soon, the line between social and just plain "business” will disappear.

11/12/2013Marketing: Get Beyond 'Good Enough'

Are you struggling with creating a marketing strategy for a communications campaign? Here are some ideas on where to focus your energies.

11/12/2013Why a Redesign is a Good Investment

Two associations take fellow members through their magazines’ redesign process and share why they decided to outsource.

October 2013
10/8/2013 Steps to a Rock-Solid Social Media Implementation Plan

Do you have a social media implementation plan that you consistently follow?

10/8/2013 Taking Advantage of Facebook's Story Bump

Here's some step-by-step help on how to respond to the Facebook news feed changes.

10/8/2013 14 Meeting Technology Trends to Watch for 2014 - Part One

If you are your association’s media expert, chances are your organization’s meeting planner is coming to you for ideas on how to use technology to boost the attendee experience. Here are some new technologies you need to stay on top of for 2014.

10/22/20133 Media Kit Must-Haves

Whether or not your 2014 media kit is complete, there’s time to implement these ideas now and positively impact next year’s sales.

10/22/2013Are You Posting Without a Plan?

Associations need a structured road map to create and manage successful social media programs. Here are the essential components that a strong social media strategy should include.

10/22/2013Stop Losing Leads

Here are four common reasons you may be missing good advertising and sponsorship prospects, as well as potential members.

September 2013
9/10/2013 Superhero Designs Comic Book for Physics Society

An association publishing department is a great place to explore hidden talents — as long as you are willing to follow wherever it leads.

9/10/2013 Succeeding in an Uncertain Custom Content Climate

Time Inc.’s Newell Thompson shares insights on today’s publishing trends and how they are affecting the custom content marketplace.

9/10/2013 Go Boldly Where Your Members Are

Sharing its own strong results, the Masons of California makes the case for associations promoting publications across multiple channels.

9/24/2013 Turning Research into Insight

Three fresh tools to supercharge your publications.

9/24/2013 A LIttle Privacy, Please

Here’s how to ensure that your association is transparent in communicating how it gathers, protects, and stores data from online users.

9/24/2013 7 Lessons for Executive Communicators

Association communication professionals are often called on to write or polish their association leadership’s speeches and presentations. But these days, you must do more than simply churn out content. Consider these underlying — yet critical — qualities.

August 2013
8/13/2013 5 Tips for Creating Successful Data-Driven Infographics

Everyone loves a great infographic, but here is some advice to make sure yours are truly effective.

8/13/2013 Getting Serious About Digital

Don’t be afraid to completely disrupt your own communications systems to further your goals, advises ASAE’s Robb Lee.

8/13/2013 Where Science Meets Art

Combining the science of research with the art of communications, the Association for Corporate Growth provides great advice on using research to feed communications decisions.

8/27/2013 Readership Surveys: 10 Good Reasons Why

Do you know what your readers are thinking? Maybe so — or maybe no, if it’s been a while since your last readership survey.

8/27/2013 Boost Your Online Exposure By Using Pictures

There’s no denying that we've become a world of visual consumers — people love pictures. Are you sure you are using that to your best advantage?

8/27/2013 Why Smart Advertisers Choose Associations

Here’s how to debunk the myth that consumer publications are better advertising vehicles than association publications.

July 2013
7/9/2013 Building a Tablet App In-House

A publishing team from the Academy of Model Aeronautics maintains that anyone can create an app given the right amount of curiosity and persistence.

7/9/2013 Resourceful Redesign

Despite limited resources, the Optical Society of America used their funds strategically to work with two creative firms on a redesign without breaking the bank.

7/9/2013 Start Small to Make Data Work for You

Here are some good tips on how to use data to bring cohesiveness to your association’s advertising program.

7/23/2013 Rebranding: It's a Process, Not a Destination

For an industry and an association in transition, rebranding was an opportunity to overcome some obstacles.

7/23/2013 9 Ways to Become a Better Facebook Community Manager

If you would like to have a thriving Facebook community, consider these nine tips.

7/23/2013 Websites: What to Do Before You Redesign

Proper preparation for your website redesign project makes sure your effort stays focused on member needs, not staff structure.

June 2013
6/11/2013 It's Time to Go Beyond Mobile 101

Here are five ways association communicators can team up with their event-planning counterparts to drive overall engagement with a mobile app for your next event.

6/11/2013 Mission, Message, Medium: Multi-Channel Content Publishing in Associations

Hotels do it. Corporations do it. And associations should market their content, too.

6/11/2013 Content and the Art of Doing More With Less

The survival of our publications hinges on providing valuable content in as many places as our audience needs it.

6/25/2013 USPS Considers Exigent Price Increase

There is a lot of chatter right now about the possibility of the Postal Service requesting an exigent price increase for 2014.

6/25/2013 Facebook Hashtags: The New Game Changer

Every year or so, something comes along in the web marketing world that changes everything.

6/25/2013 Mobile Social Networking and the Attendee Experience

The combination of social media and mobile technologies provides a plethora of possibilities for improving the networking process at your next event.

May 2013
5/14/2013 The Web You Weave

In one association’s website redesign, the goal was to do it right so the organization isn’t back redesigning again any time soon.

5/14/2013 2 Keys to Writing a Great First Paragraph for Every Blog Post

Well begun is half done, as they say. Here are some solid tips to help association team members get started with their blog posts.

5/14/2013 Debunking the Myth About Association Magazine Ad Performance

Are you facing off with a B2B magazine in a fight for your industry’s advertising sales dollars? Here is some ammunition to help you close the deal.

5/28/2013 20 Traits of Successful Nonprofit Publishers

What’s in the secret sauce for savvy association media professionals?

5/28/2013 Total Recall

Attention ad sales teams: Here is some recent research that reveals the impact of color and size on print advertisement recall.

5/28/2013 5 Biggest Social Media Mistakes

Look down this list of the top self-defeating social media mess-ups, and see if any of them sound familiar.

April 2013
4/9/2013 Legal Risks for Associations in Social Media

Check out this list of legal issues to consider when using social networking sites to create, manage, and sponsor content.

4/9/2013 What's Your Bus Factor?

Be proactive in understanding how a team member’s absence could affect your publishing operations.

4/9/2013 Keep It REAL

Here’s an easy way to gauge if your PR  and marketing campaigns are attracting a qualified audience.

4/23/2013 4 Vital Keys to a Successful Publicity Campaign

Whether marketing a special event, annual conference, new publication launch, or political initiative, here are several good strategies to set you up for success.

4/23/2013 An Association Publisher's Content Manifesto

Recognize that the content you create and curate is your hottest tool to keep current members and attract new ones.

4/23/2013 Feeding the Content Monster: What to Share on Social Media

Aside from the usual press releases and reports, your website offers evergreen content that your social media audience craves.

March 2013
3/12/2013 Ammunition to Argue for Print

Here’s some help on making your case for the power of print in a digital world.

3/12/2013 What Drives Your Re-Branding?

Before undertaking a rebranding effort, identify the specific needs that your brand must satisfy.

3/12/2013 The Unbreakable Rules of Video

Check out these best-practice tips on how to improve video shooting, editing, and sharing.

3/26/2013 Create Visual Content on a Shoestring Budget

Images are the new currency for brands online, but often, the challenge is finding someone to create them. Here are five options for brands on a budget.

3/26/2013 4 Reasons Long Blog Posts and Content are the Future

The one thing that separates average content from content that stands out is quality.

3/26/2013 Google+ is Better for Business Than Facebook or Twitter

The new No. 2 network is a must for entrepreneurs, says social media coach.

February 2013
2/12/2013 Three Rock-Solid Questions for Social Media Success

Overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest social media advice? Simplify your 2013 strategy by considering just these three questions.

2/12/2013 New USPS Rules That Should Be On Your Radar

Numerous U.S. Postal Service changes took effect last month. What do association publishers need to know?

2/12/2013 Reel Them In With Content PR

How can you use content PR strategies to shape opinion about your association and move people to act on membership and sponsorship decisions?

2/26/2013 Generating Revenue in Turbulent Times

Making money in the association world is not equivalent to selling your soul. Here’s how some of your colleagues are boosting sales and revenue in harmony with their organization’s missions and goals.

2/26/2013 Meeting the Challenges of Digital Subscriptions

As more content moves from print to digital, association publishers wrestle with how to package access to digital content for members and nonmembers, as well as what stats to report back to advertisers.

2/26/2013 7 NEW Things to Do After You've Written a Blog Post

Here's your first step in getting familiar with the latest tools to help your association promote its blog.

January 2013
1/8/2013 Copyright Smarts

Learn when — and how — to enforce your association’s rights.

1/8/2013 People Love Pictures, So Put That to Work

Try these six creative ways to use photos to increase engagement on your association’s Facebook page.

1/8/2013 Strapped for Content?

A Content Strategy Task Force may be just what you need to take your content to the next level in 2013.

1/22/2013 Selling Your Ideas to Senior Management

To position your publishing team for success, learn what it takes to sell your ideas to senior management.

1/22/2013 How to Leverage Your Webinars

Here’s how to turn your association’s webinars into articles or even a book.

1/22/2013 Tips for Writing a Magazine Redesign RFP

Here are five items your next magazine redesign RFP should include to yield the most qualified candidates.

December 2012
12/11/2012Seven Tips for Creating Amazing Videos

Use these ideas to make your association’s next video a content delivery super-tool.

12/11/2012The Top 12 of 2012 (Articles that Deserve a Second Read)

Here’s our list of Association Media & Publishing e-newsletter articles worth revisiting before you open the door to a new year.

12/11/2012What Hollywood Can Teach You About Great Presentations

What makes a good Hollywood movie? Exactly the same principles that make a great keynote speech, executive presentation, and sales conversation.

November 2012
11/13/201216 Ways to Build Relationships With Blog Comments

Everyone is looking for ways to form stronger relationships with current and potential members and customers. Improving your blog-responding techniques will help get you there.

11/13/2012Shepherd Your Books into the Field of Online Delivery

In part one of this two-part series, NEA’s Mary Ellen Flannery outlines her recent experiences in going digital and shares the questions she wishes she had asked ahead of time.

11/13/2012Be a Better Editor for Your Freelancer

Here are several good tips on how to set up your freelance writer for success—and help reduce the headaches on your end.

11/27/2012Sticky Content

Here are three ways to make sure your article or blog’s main points resonate with members.

11/27/2012Get Up to Speed on Digital Book Publishing

In the second of this two-part series on taking your book publishing to the next level, ASCE’s Betsy Kulamer explains the terms and technologies you’ll need to know to go digital.

11/27/2012Don't Click Here three more ways to avoid web-writing woes.

October 2012
10/9/2012 Pricing Strategies for Revenue Success

With planning season in full swing, here’s a little expert help on ad pricing and competition.

10/9/2012 5 Ways to Curate Content in Real Time

Does your organization need a more dynamic approach to content curation?

10/9/2012 Using Facebook to Drive Membership Engagement

Does awareness equal engagement? Can greater engagement translate into increased membership, more sales, registrations, or other revenue generation for the association?

10/23/2012Rich Resources for Monetizing Social Media

Creating social media ROI is made simpler with the right technology tools.

10/23/2012Protecting a Generic Name

Some domain names are just too generic to be protected under trademark law. Here's how to help determine if yours will stand the test.

10/23/2012Magazine to Tablet: Tips for Transitioning

Here are some practical tips for anyone thinking about developing a tablet version of a magazine.

September 2012
9/11/2012 Skills and Experiences are Irrelevant When Hiring

A candidate’s ability to apply their skills to your particular job is what counts.

9/11/2012 Extending the Life of Your Content

Here are several takeaways from a recent Lunch & Learn on how to match up valuable content with the most effective media channels.

9/11/2012 Negotiating a Digital Divorce

Here are one provider’s insights as well as some prenuptial tips.

9/25/2012 Weighing the Custom Publishing Proposition

Here’s how one association uses custom publishing sponsorships to boost revenue without negatively affecting its brand.

9/25/2012 Revisiting Qwickster and How Social Media Helped Save Netflix

Announcing an unpopular service change via social media can set your association up for some ferocious feedback, but a little tough love from your members just might talk your higher-ups out of a huge misstep.

9/25/2012 Selling to Today's All-Knowing Customer

Is social media making your sales team obsolete?

August 2012
8/14/2012 So Many Books, So Little Time
 Volunteers serving on the Association Media & Publishing Content Creation Committee and Chicago Programs Committee share their list of favorite summer books—and the list is as diverse as the organizations they work for.
8/14/2012 Ready for a Redesign?

Before diving into a new design, make sure your whole staff is on board, and team collaboration is at an all-time high.

8/14/2012 Sell More to the Regulars
 Now is the time to educate key advertisers on why they should increase their ad spend with your organization in 2013.
8/28/2012 Editors and Administrators Can Play Nice Together

How can you strengthen relationships among your team members to ensure greater project success?

8/28/2012 Does Your Printer Partnership Look Like This?

Here’s what a good printer-publisher relationship looks like with the communication lines wide open.

8/28/2012 The Seven Traits of Better Web Content

Good web writing calls for plain, action-oriented language.

July 2012
7/10/2012 Learning from Website Superstars

What are the hallmarks of EXCEL Award-winning websites that keep their members engaged?

7/10/2012 Member Photos: What Are You Looking For?

You can cut down on a lot of photography-related headaches with clear instructions to your members and contributors—but what details should be included?

7/10/2012 Young People Not Quite Ready for Twitter Primetime

Association communications professionals need to be ready to help the younger generation transition from social media for fun to social media for business.

7/24/2012 Findings from a First-Timer

Passion for the written word and exploring the "human side” of associations were key takeaways for one attending the Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting for the first time.

7/24/2012 Great Websites are Not Information Dumping Grounds

A website purpose statement maintains focus, aligns with the organization’s mission statement, and helps defend against poor content choices.

7/24/2012 What You Don't Know About Mobile Magazine Readers

Through a new readership study, one association discovered that significantly more people learned about its magazine through online app stores than through the association itself.

June 2012
6/5/2012 Smartphone Photography 101

10 (mostly) universally true tips for getting great photos from your smartphone.

6/5/2012 7 Secrets to Getting More from LinkedIn

Start taking advantage of LinkedIn's full capabilities and change your business card into a multimedia website.

6/5/2012 The Deadly Dance of Discounting

Dropping your price to make a sale is almost never the right way to go.

6/26/2012 5 Ways Businesses Use Facebook Timelines

Here are several good ideas on how to get Facebook’s Timeline working for your association.

6/26/2012 12 Things to Do After Writing a New Blog Post

You’ve just finished writing a great new blog post. You’re excited that you’ve shared your ideas and expertise with the world. But what should you do next?

6/26/2012 Sexy Enough for Video?

Is yours one of those associations that thinks it isn’t glamorous enough for video? Think again.

May 2012
5/8/2012 10 Tips for Migrating Technical Content from Print to Digital

Here are some things to consider when beginning the digitization process of lengthy scientific and technical books, standards, proceedings, and journals.

5/8/2012 Guide to Great Learning Videos

Associations often produce content for educating members. Here are expert tips on making a great learning video.

5/8/2012 Customizing e-Newsletters with Dynamic Content

Working off of a single spreadsheet, ASCD learned how to develop customized member content using dynamic fields.

5/22/2012 Yes, You Can Publish e-Books

With today’s latest demand printing technologies, any association can become a book publisher.

5/22/2012 Digital Edition Start-Up Plan

If creating a digital edition is in your sights, here is some advice on how to begin the process.

5/22/2012 8 Creative Ways to Use Embeddable Tweets

What if your Twitter conversations could expand to include more people from your online community? Now you can thanks to embedded tweets, a new feature from Twitter.

April 2012
4/10/2012 Six Easy Tweaks for a Sleek, New Design

With these simple suggestions, you can soup up your publication’s style while saving your design budget.

4/10/2012 Demonstrate the Value of Your Content

Here’s how to make the case that your association’s knowledge should be managed as a members-only benefit.

4/10/2012 Learn to Sell on Value, Not Price

When selling advertising in association media products, price is only an issue when it is presented as the primary benefit.

4/24/2012 Are You Getting Through?

Here's how to make your association's email messages stand out.

4/24/2012 Give Me One Good Reason to Share

Middle-of-the-road content doesn’t travel very far.

4/24/2012 Your 2012 Guide to Email Open and Click-Through Rates

What are average click-throughs and open rates in association emails, and how can you move your own metrics closer to the industry standard?

March 2012
3/13/2012 A Story-Telling Checklist

Before putting your association’s stories out on social media sites, boost your content quality by thinking through this short list of questions.

3/13/2012 Let Sanity Prevail

Everyone’s a publisher these days, which means more people are reading content that is not carefully crafted and edited. Don’t let the slackness seep into your own publications.

3/13/2012 What to Look for in a Social Media Expert

As association's look into the wisdom of hiring their own social media expert, it’s important to know what skillsets you really need.

3/27/2012 Become a Detail Dynamo

Here are eight ways to retrain your brain to notice the little things.

3/27/2012 Mission versus Membership

This matrix is a good tool to help you justify a new media product—before you waste time, money, and credibility.

3/27/2012 Celebrating Anniversaries: Start Early, Win Big

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to celebrate an association anniversary, the story behind the 75th anniversary of AAOS is a rich resource.

February 2012
2/14/2012 The Truth About Who Owns Online Content

There’s no easy answer, but one thing’s for sure: You are the first line of defense for your association.

2/14/2012 Top 10 Ways to Close Advertising and Sponsorship Deals

Are any of the advertising or sponsorship opportunities in your pipeline stale? Do you have deals that you thought would close months ago, yet somehow they haven’t?

2/14/2012 How to Take Real Advantage of LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn has updated its company pages to help organizations become more engaged. Here are five steps to help your association harness the new capabilities.

2/28/2012 In Social Media Policy, One Size Won't Fit All

A simple way to tackle your association’s social media policy needs is to consider your stakeholders’ needs by category.

2/28/2012 Rolling on the River

It's important to know your strategy for navigating the sometimes murky waters of copyright agreements and publishing contracts.

2/28/2012 Proper Feeding and Care of Your Online Community
 What qualities should you look for in someone who will manage your association’s online community?
January 2012
1/10/2012 Unleash Your Job Search

Here’s a new twist on association career development in a digital world.

1/10/2012 Handling Negative Posts

Think through how to respond to a "negative” post before one shows up on your website or social media community.

1/10/2012 The Imperatives of Social Media Strategy

What is most critical to your association’s success in social media?

1/24/2012 The Social CEO

Important lessons and observations regarding trends in social media for the association CEO.

1/24/2012 I Just Called to Say...

Don’t let your focus on bringing in new advertisers lead to neglect of your current ones.

1/24/2012 Your Website's Dirty Little Secrets

If your website isn't delivering value, don’t blame the technology.

December 2011
12/13/2011Four More Ways to Get Your Members on the Write Path

In the second installment of this two-part series, here are some additional strategies to encourage member authorship in your publications.

12/13/2011What You Should Be Doing in e-Books

Digital publishing is easy, the e-book market is crowded, and your association’s e-books need to stand out. So what’s your plan?

12/13/2011Three Ways to Exploit Your Members (And Get Them to Your Website)

Here are three fresh strategies for associations focused on driving more members to their websites.

November 2011
11/8/2011 An Alternative to Averages

Here’s why and how to ‘de-average’ your survey satisfaction ratings.

11/8/2011 Three Reasons to Print Association Newsletters

Yes, most associations are looking to cut costs—but eliminating print is not always your wisest course of action.

11/8/2011 Lead Members to Cross-Platform Publishing

When it comes to digital editions and mobile apps, sometimes your members might not know what they will use until you give it to them.

11/29/2011Get Your Members on the Write Path (Part One)

Here are six strategies for achieving more member-bylined articles in your publications.

11/29/2011Four Blessings Turned Strategies for 2012

Thankful association media professionals expose their top media strategies.

11/29/2011Ideas for Using Content to Recruit Members (Including Three You Haven't Heard Before)

Take this list of ideas to your next directors’ meeting and knock their socks off.

October 2011
10/7/2011 De-Mystifying the Content Creation versus Curation Paradox

While conventional marketing wisdom says it’s not a good idea to use social media to promote yourself, an effective balance can be struck between content about and from your association and content that you want to share from other sources.

10/7/2011 Pre-Flight Check for Association Sales Teams

Here are seven fundamentals to address before you make another advertising sales call.

10/7/2011 Monetizing the Media-Member Relationship

Learning to monetize your relationship with members will actually help you better serve their needs.

10/25/2011The Accidental Plagiarist
 Contrary to popular belief (and wishful thinking), all Internet content is not public domain. In the digital age, plagiarism prevention—and protection of your publications and authors—needs to be a team effort.
10/25/2011Social Media Promotions and the Law

Are you thinking of using social media contests? Do you understand how the law could impact your activities?

10/25/2011Strategy Before Content

Associations can’t just keep spewing forth content. Without a content strategy, impact is lost and the tie between association and member are weakened.

September 2011
9/12/2011 10 Principles of Writing for the Web

To boost your association website's readership, try applying these simple rules.

9/12/2011 Awakening to the Full Functionality of Adobe

Here are some good tips on how to get more out of your Adobe software.

9/12/2011 It's Cool to be a Comma

Amuse yourself this month by participating in National Punctuation Day activities—and learn (or re-learn) a little something along the way.

9/27/2011 Become a Master Delegator

..and the manager you were meant to be.

9/27/2011 Get Control of Member Communication Overload

Here’s how one association solved the problem of member communications that just kept growing and growing and growing.

9/27/2011 Trim the Pork from Your Social Media

Follow these friendly reminders to keep your message heard above the Facebook and Twitter clutter.

August 2011
8/8/2011 Ready...Set...Relaunch

Consider a relaunch carefully – there’s a lot more to it than a redesign.

8/8/2011 Navigating Open-Source Publishing

Lower the cost of publishing on the web by effectively using open-source software tools.

8/8/2011 Stop Being Afraid of e-Book Publishing

Get familiar with the opportunities of e-books by taking advantage of this association publisher’s lessons learned.

8/22/2011 Possibilities from Piracy

Here’s a fresh approach: Monitor the piracy of your content with an eye toward possibilities for new markets, formats, or content offerings.

8/22/2011 Keeping Burnout at Bay

Here’s how to avoid burnout when the flow of copy needing your immediate attention appears endless.

8/22/2011 8 Ways to Discover Content Ideas from Your Readers

Are you looking for creative ways to discover what your members’ interests are?

July 2011
7/24/2000 Spice Things Up With a Reader Competition

Arizona Attorney Magazine’s unconventional approach to member engagement resulted in a wildly popular member arts competition.

7/24/2000 Totally Grawesome

Dwell editor in chief chronicles journey from magazine to media brand.

7/11/2011 Present the Perfect Ad Package

While revenue will continue to siphon into new media, print is still a substantial portion of most advertisers’ media mix.

7/11/2011 The Habits of Highly Effective Copyeditors

When editors become complacent, errors are left to fester on the page. Your reader deserves more than a hasty once-over by a deadline-laden copyeditor.

7/11/2011 Put Your Data to Work

The Missouri State Teachers Association shares insights in learning to harness the communication tools of segmentation, social media, and sex.

7/25/2011 Early Reactions to Google+

A great new potential tool for associations—or just another darn thing to check?

June 2011
6/6/2011 Tips for Writing a Great RFP
 Here’s step-by-step advice on how to make sure your next RFP works for you—not against you.
6/6/2011 Mastering the Technology Touch
 Key players on the NEA publishing team explain how they use technology to collect member-generated content and increase engagement.
6/6/2011 The Right Content Recipe Makes a Well-Rounded Diet
 Here’s some help in keeping up with new technologies available to your association’s publishing team—and figuring out what media mix is right for your members.
6/20/2011 Redesigning the Member Experience

The magazine redesign process can feel a bit like a balancing act. Here’s some advice from the Masons of California on how to strike just the right cord with current members and future generations.

6/20/2011 Three Tips for an Engaging 2012 Editorial Calendar

With next year’s editorial calendar due just around the corner, here are three tips for getting into the right mindset for planning and brainstorming.

6/20/2011 Cloud in the Forecast

What does web-based computing mean for associations?

May 2011
5/10/2011 Tips to Make Your Writing Sparkle
 Take a break, get inspired, and enjoy these examples of great journalism.
5/10/2011 Straight Talk on Advertising Sales Strategy
 Does in-house sales staff limit creativity? Does outsourcing your sales risk integrated strategy? See what these two association veterans have to say.
5/10/2011 Is It Time for an App?

Want your members to spend more time reading your digital publications? Consider a mobile app for your magazine or newsletter.

5/24/2011 Is Your Content on Double Duty?

Offering content in both print and electronic formats is a cost-effective way to stretch your budget. Here are some design tips for making a successful conversion.

5/24/2011 In Search of the Sweet Spot
 Here’s some great insight from two associations who went beyond digital "flipbooks” to take their communications to the next level.
5/24/2011 Can Small Staffs Manage Big Media?

Striking the right balance between what your members really want, what you can actually deliver, and your association leadership’s expectations is the key to a successful media mix.

April 2011
4/5/2011 5 Questions to Bridge the Print to Digital Divide
 A digital readiness audit takes the guesswork out of developing new content outlets.
4/5/2011 6 Ways to Work Better with Volunteers

Managing volunteers requires political savvy and a grasp of group dynamics, human motivation, and leadership. Here are six strategies to improve your interactions with volunteers.

4/5/2011 can ur employee txt msgs b read

Hint: U.S. Supreme Court says yes

4/19/2011 8 Ideas to Stir the Feature Planning Pot
 Do your magazine’s feature stories tend to stick within certain well-established parameters? Here are some interesting ways to shake things up.
4/19/2011 Value of Content Focused vs Deliverable Focused
 What happens when you focus on building as much compelling, industry-centric content as possible rather than worrying about how it will be delivered?
4/19/2011 Mistakes to Avoid in Managing Digital Content

The growth of the World Wide Web and other Internet technologies raises numerous copyright issues that require publishers to be vigilant about understanding what is free for use and what is not.

March 2011
3/1/2011 Take Down the Barriers
 New content development strategies are emerging from a rapidly changing media environment, and associations may find their members best served when they share the driver’s seat.
3/1/2011 A Check of the Crystal Ball
 What does the future hold for association content, and how your members will be reading it?
3/1/2011 Let Your People Speak
 Effective communications is about storytelling, and the most authentic voice you have is that of your own people.
3/15/2011 Don't Get Caught Naked
 Today’s courts are finding that most nonprofits should be viewed like for-profit companies for trademark law purposes.
3/15/2011 Dealing With the Dead Weights
 Is it better to cut "never-openers” from your e-mail marketing list or keep them on to boost distribution numbers?
3/15/2011 Managing Up and Down
 Here’s advice on how to cultivate a positive relationship with your boss and member volunteers.
February 2011
2/1/2011 Good Communications from the Inside Out
 Solid internal communications plans are the foundation that help association staff do their jobs successfully.
2/1/2011 The Dollars and Sense of Magazine Publishing
 If your magazine is not making a positive contribution to the association’s bottom line, run down this check list of ideas.
2/1/2011 Success with Branding
 Branding is more than slapping your logo on everything in sight. Three experts share tips for branding names, publications, and websites.
2/15/2011 The New Generation of Conference Dailies
 Here are several reasons why conference e-mail dailies are well worth the effort.
2/15/2011 Taming a Challenging Project
 Use the Three Cs – communication, clarification, and creativity – to deliver a successful project.
2/15/2011 Don't Give Up Yet
 Here’s how to drum up more business for 2011 with three new revenue ideas that most any association can implement.
January 2011
1/4/2011 The Importance of Thinking it Through

What’s the role of strategic planning in diversifying your association’s media offerings? Looking back on their own recent experience, the members of one association publishing team share valuable lessons learned.

1/4/2011 The Trick to Twitter
 Here’s how one association publisher learned to achieve content depth for her members—even when the medium is shallow.
1/4/2011 Best-Laid Plans

Stepping into the social media realm? Don’t go in cold.

1/18/2011 I Have Ideas But No One is Listening
 Don’t sell your boss on a new innovation or solution. Instead, involve them in a process to solve a communications challenge.
1/18/2011 Engage Advertisers With a Top Notch Media Kit

A media kit is more than rates, dates, and specs. Here's how to develop a kit that tells your association's story.

1/18/2011 Avoid These Proofreading Land Mines
 An extra letter here, a missed apostrophe there—it’s the stuff of nightmares. Here's a rundown of troubling text that often eludes even the most well-trained eyes.
December 2010
12/7/2010 Stay Relevant and You'll Stay in Business

The business of association publishing is changing, but it still boils down to providing relevant content to all member demographics in the format they prefer.

12/7/2010 Finding a New Niche
 Do these three things (and avoid these two mistakes) when tailoring content to a new demographic.
12/7/2010 Report the Buzz Without Getting Burned
 Here are three tips for staying on the cutting edge of news delivery—without getting burned.
12/21/2010Creating the Creative Brief
 The hardest part about developing a new logo may be communicating to potential designers exactly what you are looking for.
12/21/2010Best Use of Technology in Ad Sales
 For many associations, technology has become quite the crutch in their ad sales process. However, the best way to increase sales in today’s economy is to use today’s technology with the disciplines and principles of yesterday.
12/21/2010Find Your Social Media Sweet Spot

What questions must be answered to determine the best place for your association to focus its social media efforts?

November 2010
11/2/2010 Cross-Pollinate and Grow Your Inspiration

Exposing yourself and your staff to brave new worlds beyond the office walls will result in a wonderful new vocabulary of ideas.

11/2/2010 Time to Tweak

Now is a great time to evaluate your media products and implement tweaks and updates that will refresh your look without breaking the bank.

11/2/2010 Everyone into the Pool

The practice of co-mailing is "growing like wildfire,” says one major printer. Here’s how you, too, can reduce postage costs with co-mailing.

11/15/20103 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation
 If you do nothing else, start paying attention to who’s saying what about your association's brand online.
11/15/2010Appeal to a New Generation
 Looking for new readers or to boost reader engagement? Grab the attention of younger eyes with a fresh take on design and layout.
11/15/201011 Steps to Building a Favorite Blogs List
 Blogs can be a great source of information, connections, research, and trends. Here’s how to determine if a blogger is worth adding to your own list of favorites.
October 2010
10/5/2010 You Gotta Love a Close Shave

Here’s how to shave two weeks off your production cycle with InCopy.

10/5/2010 It's a Perfect Storm but Don't Jump Ship Part I
 In part one of a two-part series, this guest commentary challenges the wisdom of -- and the effect on advertising when -- an association moves from print to digital-only editions.
10/5/2010 Connect with the POSTS Strategy

People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology and Sustainability form the core of a good approach to social media for associations.

10/19/2010Protect Your Association with Social Media Governance

In this Association Media & Publishing interview with Mari Anne Snow, CEO of Sophia Think Consulting, we take a look at special considerations when associations are developing their social media governance process and strategy.

10/19/2010Take Control of Your Brand

With the digital age boom, it’s important for association publishers to control their brand—here’s how and why.

10/19/2010It’s a Perfect Storm but Don’t Jump Ship Part II

In the second installment of this two-part series, we consider the advertising challenges related to reducing a publication’s frequency.

September 2010
9/8/2010 What Hasn't Changed

Exceptional, original content is still your ace in the hole, but here’s how to make sure members get more value from it.

9/8/2010 Brew a Better Book

Here’s how to complete a self-critique of your association’s flagship publication and an explanation of why this task should be first on your to-do list.


9/8/2010 Cutting Costs without Cutting Quality

How do you deliver a high-quality print product when your bottom line is slipping closer to the red?

9/21/2010 10 Tips to Reduce Printing Costs Right Now

Don’t wait another day to consider these cost-cutting measures with your printer partner.

9/21/2010 Five Good Reasons Association Editors Should Blog

If you are a journalist working in the association field, you can no longer ignore the potential benefits of blogging.

9/21/2010 Learning to Ask Useful Questions

Now is the time when many association publishers are engaging in reader and advertiser surveys to determine how to tweak their association’s media products for the coming year. Here’s how to choose survey questions that will provide the most valuable data.

August 2010
8/10/2010 Learning to Love New eReading Platforms

Digital reading devices limit a publication's design, atomize its content, and separate readers from publishers. You want them anyway, Time Inc.'s Peter Meirs told Association Media & Publishing members at a recent Lunch & Learn—here's why.

8/10/2010 6 Tips for Getting Booked as a Talk Radio Guest

There are many tools available to get your association's message out to a wider audience, and talk radio is a good one to try.

8/10/2010 Making the Case for Reader Research
  How do you justify the expense of reader research, and how do you make sure members will participate? A recent roundtable discussion included advice for association publishers looking for answers before taking the case to the association's management.
8/24/2010 Strategies for Effective Editing

Two award-winning association editors share their secrets to excellent editing and content management, as well as pet peeves that sometimes get in the way.

8/24/2010 Couples Therapy for Print and Digital

Can This Relationship Be Saved? In this mock "therapy session” at the recent Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting, Print and Digital see if they can find a way to coexist peacefully—and effectively.

8/24/2010 Selling Social Media to Your Boss

Social media communications and marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or scary – now, you just have to convince everyone else.

July 2010
7/6/2010 Magazine Reach: More Is (Usually) Better

When is it a good idea to expand your association publication's audience, and what are the best strategies to get you there?

7/7/2010 How to Host a Great Podcast

Here are answers—and additional resources--to address your questions about podcast technology, interview format, editing, and more.

7/7/2010 Nothing Clears the Mind Like No Alternative

How do you drastically rebalance a diminishing publications budget without compromising the information needs of your membership? Here's a roadmap to how one association worked through its own near-death experience and actually came out with stronger publications and a new e-bulletin as well.

7/7/2010 The Good Kind of Audit

What can you learn from a communications audit, and how can it lead to actionable results?

7/7/2010 Publication as a Member Benefit

Your colleagues discuss if it is necessary for association bylaws to list the association's magazine as a member benefit or assign it a dollar value.

7/20/2010 Simple Strategies for SEO Success

When your members type your organization's specialty into Google, what does the search results page return? Is your association at the top? Near the top? Nowhere near the top? Here are several steps that will maximize your chances of landing at the head of a potential member's next Google search.

7/20/2010 Strategy Cures Digital Headache

More than a dozen individuals gathered at an Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting roundtable to discuss challenges they've encountered in transitioning publications fro print to online, as well as strategies to alleviate the pain. Here's what has been keeping them—and many others in the association publishing industry—up at night.

7/20/2010 The 17 Most Common Blogging Mistakes

Are you getting results from your association's blog? Is it getting harder for you to spend time on your blog because you're just not seeing how it is going to pay off? Hundreds of blogs are started each day, and many of them are abandoned after several months because it takes time and energy to keep a good business blog going. Here is a quick checklist of the most common mistakes professionals make in their blogs.

7/20/2010 Editorial Metrics that Mean Something

Association professionals discuss best practices for measuring editorial engagement.

June 2010
6/8/2010 Measure, Write, Measure
 A good use of Web analytics can help you identify what pages your readers are visiting and how long they stay—and this information provides editors and content managers with the insight they need regarding what topics interest members most.
6/8/2010 Managing Web Content with a Small Staff
 Now more than ever, association team members need to collaborate offline to achieve success online. These tips are geared specifically for the small staff tasked with managing web content like one of "the big guys."
6/8/2010 Top 5 Reasons to Rebrand Your Publication
 Magazines are often the face of your association’s brand image. So, how do you know if and when it is time to rebrand? Here’s how to evaluate where you stand with members and competitors.
6/22/2010 Focusing the Content Lens

When creating content for members, more is not better, and the most successful association media products are those that address the needs of multiple demographics. Here are several good insights on how to grow and engage your membership through great content planning.

6/22/2010 Apples and Oranges and Grapes—Oh, my!

Putting your magazine out for bid isn't always fun and games. While, there is no right or wrong number when it comes to how many bids you request, here's how to get the most out of your print bid process.

6/22/2010 Magazine Reach: More Is (Usually) Better

When is it a good idea to expand your association publication's audience, and what are the best strategies to get you there?

6/22/2010 From the Listerver: Social Media on Magazine Sites
 Your colleagues discuss how they are using social media to enhance their magazine websites.
May 2010
5/4/2010 Debra Leithauser: Your New Audience Isn’t Even on the Web
 The Washington Post Magazine editor talks about the skills new journalists—and seasoned ones—must cultivate to stay relevant to readers.
5/4/2010 Social Media Superstar
 What has been the outcome for an association that made social media a part of everything it does?
5/4/2010 How to Build an Electronic Strategy
 Two association leaders shared their digital publishing experiences at a recent Association Media & Publishing Lunch & Learn: one focused on fine-tuning your digital publication strategy, and the other told a rip-roaring tale of editors on a road-trip collecting profiles on "rebel” members and documenting the whole project online.
5/4/2010 From the Listerver: Media Kits
 Your colleagues discuss advertiser reaction to digital-only media kits.
5/18/2010 Move into the Digital Age with Video
 The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators challenged itself to do more with video and found it not only easy, but also a natural fit for the organization’s redesigned online magazine, MOVE.
5/18/2010 Monetizing Mobility: The New Vision of a Digital Future
 The big question facing publishers today: How do I further monetize my content? In the association world where organizations run the gamut from keeping content hidden behind members-only "walls” to those who give practically it away for free, the idea of how to capitalize on trends in mobile content is an interesting one to consider.
5/18/2010 Getting Personal With Pronouns
 For you and me, pronouns can be a personal matter.
5/18/2010 From the Listerver: Digital Publications
 Your colleagues discuss good examples of digital publications.
April 2010
4/6/2010 Predictions on Postage
 Unfortunately, an increase in periodicals postage is staring us in the face for 2011. What’s affecting postage prices, and what to association publishers need to know to prepare?
4/6/2010 Just When You Think You Know it All—Copyright, Blogs, and Permissions
 A recent Association Media & Publishing educational session in Chicago proved that when it comes to copyright law, there’s always a lot more to learn—and what you don’t know will definitely come back to bite your association.
4/6/2010 Publisher vs. Membership Communicator—Finding the Balance
 How can you manage the sometimes conflicting interests of the publishing and the membership services teams when it comes to sharing delivery of the message?
4/6/2010 From the Listerver: Who Uses Insite
 Your colleagues discuss their experiences with the online proofing system called Insite.
4/20/2010 Becoming a Podcast Person
 Here’s how to scrutinize ROI in the world of association podcasting and identify new nondues revenue strategies for your organization.
4/20/2010 AAMVA’s Jason King: ‘There Must be a Way to Do it Better’
 The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ director of communications and public relations shares insights into his organization’s proactive approach last year to creating a magazine that truly serves its audience and successfully re-engaged the association’s members and advertisers.
4/20/2010 Creating a Dynamic Publishing Team
 It’s not as easy as it sounds: You have a team of great people, but how do you get them working together harmoniously and productively on your association’s various media products?
4/20/2010 From the Listerver: Reducing Publication Costs
 Your colleagues discuss detailed ways to cut costs in the publication department.
March 2010
3/2/2010 Preparing to Compete in the Mobile Marketplace
 Although mobile is still young, it will undoubtedly change the game for association communications. Here are the technologies and applications your association needs to be thinking about.
3/2/2010 Monetizing Social Media
 While many associations are still forming their communities and building their networks, some are actually finding ways to generate new revenue.
3/2/2010 Harness the Power of Research
 Advertising revenues grow when you deliver a convincing—and data-supported—story.
3/2/2010 From the Listerver: e-Newsletter Open and Click Rates
 Your colleagues discuss what constitutes good open and click rates for member publications.
3/16/2010 Design on a Dime
 The more rounds a design project endures, the more expensive it gets. Here are several tips to keep your association’s design costs to a minimum.
3/16/2010 Covering Your Own Event—Better than Anyone Else
 No matter what form your event coverage takes, here are some best practices to ensure members will get the most out of your efforts.
3/16/2010 8 Simple Steps to Growing a Quality Twitter Following
 Here are eight, easy-to-follow steps to help your association create its own tweet plan.
3/16/2010 From the Listerver: Replacing a Print Journal with Digital-Only
 Your colleagues discuss the challenges of eliminating printed journals and replacing them with digital-only versions.
February 2010
2/2/2010 Measure it All
 You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken. Having current and accurate readership information and feedback is crucial to a publishing team’s ability to lead the association’s media products into the next decade.
2/2/2010 Social Media: Why Bother? Part Two
 In the final part of this two-part article series, the American Academy of Physician Assistants’ Lynn Morton explains why she believes that all associations should participate in social media—even if it’s only to listen in.
2/2/2010 5 Things That Make Me Stop Reading Websites and Blogs
 Obstacles, design choices, even that groovy music you adore can all send potential readers elsewhere.
2/2/2010 From the Listerver: Hiring Journal Editors
 Your colleagues discuss their processes for hiring journal editors.
2/16/2010 Clear the Air on Vendor Submissions
 Protect your publication’s integrity by establishing solid guidelines for vendor-bylined editorial.
2/16/2010 The 4 Es of Great Blogging
 In your next association blog post, try to combine two or three of these content elements and see what kind of response you get.
2/16/2010 Why Bad Headlines Kill Good Content
 Here are four simple takeaways that one corporate blogger shares aimed at anyone trying to drive up their blog readership.
January 2010
1/5/2010 The Power and Value of a Fan
 Here’s how one social media advocate figured out the true value of a website fan.
1/5/2010 Best Final Proof Articles from 2009
 Here’s a quick list of 2009 articles worth revisiting.
1/5/2010 New Rules on Endorsements and Testimonials
 Here’s what association publishers need to know about staying in compliance with the revised FTC guidelines on the use of endorsements and testimonials in "new media.”
1/5/2010 From the Listerver: Obituaries in Association Publications
 Your colleagues discuss their practices for publishing member obituaries in the association’s publications.
1/19/2010 Magazines Aren’t Broken—The Industry Is
 Is the weakness in the print marketplace a factor of magazines or advertis­ing or the economy? The short answer is all three, and the long answer involves a look at the way magazines use technology, how magazines structure their revenue streams, and what magazines need to do to attract readers and advertisers in complex times.
1/19/2010 Social Media: Why Bother? Part One
 Here’s why: Your members can connect with your association in ways you never dreamed possible through social media. It’s time to address your concerns and take the plunge—or even just dip your toe into the water.
1/19/2010 The Perfect Pitch
 The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to analyze your association’s advertising sales approach and tune it up.
1/19/2010 From the Listerver: Publishing on the Kindle
 Your colleagues discuss their association’s use of the Kindle.
December 2009
12/1/2009 10 Easy Ways to Break Blogger's Block
 Many association editors and communications managers—to whom the responsibility for blogging often falls—are finding themselves scared stiff about how to come up with interesting things to write about on their association’s blog. Here are 10 tricks to help, if you get "stuck.”
12/1/2009 Convention Connections
 Social media can personalize association events and engage attendees, leading to more effective marketing and satisfied customers.
12/1/2009 LinkedIn for Associations: Some Love It—for Others, the Jury’s Still Out
 While some association professionals believe LinkedIn offers the most benefits for associations, others aren’t as convinced. Here are comments from the associations that have harnessed LinkedIn as well as from those who still have reservations.
12/1/2009 From the Listerver: OK to Switch to Saddle Stitch
 Your colleagues discuss perfect bind versus saddle stitch.
12/15/2009E-Newsletter Strategy: Bite—Snack—Meal
 Provide members articles that allow them to regulate how much content they receive—depending on how hungry they are for the information.
12/15/2009Social Network and the Law
 Here’s a list of legal tips and issues to consider in connection with using social networking sites to manage or sponsor content.
12/15/2009Making the Case for Centralized Ad Sales
 By centralizing ad sales, association executive directors can streamline costs and keep with the general media business environment.
12/15/2009From the Listerver: Editorial Workflow
 Your colleagues discuss how design/layout software integrates with editorial workflow.
November 2009
11/3/2009 Social Media Participation 101
 Does your association have social computing guidelines in place to explain how your organization expects staff to interact with others when they visit online communities? Here are a good set of "rules” to help get you started.
11/3/2009 Tweet Your Way to New Prospects
 Here’s how one association used a Twitter-based scavenger hunt in July to build early awareness and online engagement for its annual convention coming up in January.
11/3/2009 6 Tips for Taking Stock of Electronic Media
 Conducting an internal audit of your association’s publications as well as gathering feedback from advertisers is a cost-efficient way to determine if your association needs to ramp up its involvement and offerings in electronic and social media.
11/3/2009 From the Listerver: Journal Advertising
 Your colleagues discuss their strategies for accepting advertising in scholarly journals.
11/17/2009Twitter and You: What’s the Plan?
 So you’ve got your association publication(s) on Twitter—good for you. Now, what’s next? Here are six easy ways to use Twitter to advance your association’s publishing goals.
11/17/2009The Grateful Publication
 Here are several ways to infuse gratitude into your association’s publishing culture—as well as the reasons why it’s a good idea to do so.
11/17/2009Expanding Your Readership through New Media
 The era of the digital magazine has arrived, and associations need to either get on board with the idea or face getting left behind. Here is some advice from fellow members who have made the leap into the world of digital publications.
11/17/2009From the Listerver: URLs in Magazine Articles
 Your colleagues discuss the best options for using URLs in magazine articles.
October 2009
10/6/2009 Design Meets Editorial: When Great Minds Think Alike
 Here are five simple concepts for building better collaborations between design and editorial staff—and some additional tips on how to do it on a budget.
10/6/2009 Search Engine Optimization: It’s Everyone’s Job
 Content creators should be onboard with search engine optimization strategies because good content is the key to good search results.
10/6/2009 Go for the Green—Part I
 If your association is ready to go beyond simply giving green publishing a little lip service, here's the nitty gritty of what you need to do.
10/6/2009 From the Listerver: Photographs in Your Publication
 Your colleagues discuss the rules for using a child's photograph in a publication.
10/20/2009Attracting Readers and Revenue
 In a multimedia world, associations may be uniquely positioned to match messaging with members and wider audiences. But the funding model remains elusive.
10/20/2009All Readers are Not Created Equal
 Not all readers start at the front and read their way through to the end. Some flip quickly through pages. Some read page by page. And, there are even those who start at the back and work their way to the front. How can your publication speak to them all?
10/20/2009Go for the Green—Part II
 If your association is ready to go beyond simply giving green publishing a little lipservice, here’s the nitty gritty of what you need to do.
10/20/2009From the Listerver: Journal and Magazine articles
 Your colleagues discuss the differences between journal and magazine articles.
September 2009
9/1/2009 Go Ahead − Judge a Magazine by its Cover
 Here are 10 rules to follow when creating a good cover and a few extra tips gathered from Association Media & Publishing’s recent Lunch & Learn program.
9/15/2009 To Catch a Reader
 Here’s how to use magazine "on-ramps” more effectively to lure skimmers into reading your magazine.
9/15/2009 Blogging Blunders
 When it comes to blogs gone bad, the same shortcomings crop up again and again. Here are several of the most common mistakes that you can avoid starting today.
July 2009
7/7/2009 Crowd Control
 You can breathe new life into your publication with crowdsourcing, but you’ve got to thoroughly explain the process to members and be comfortable relinquishing a little control.
7/21/2009 Start with Strategy
 Don’t expect your publications to grow and thrive if you keep on doing the same things the same way. Here are several specific ideas to get your association publishing team started on the path to developing a strategic media plan.
June 2009
6/2/2009 My Association Wish List
 Consider these five insightful questions that association publishers should re-examine each quarter.
6/16/2009 Today’s Advertising Sales: Not for the Faint-Hearted

A roundtable group of association publishers and sales reps share their trials, tribulations, and strategies for selling advertising in the current climate.

March 2009
3/17/2009 A Wiki Wiki Chorus Line
 The creative launch of ALA’s new wiki-driven resource LabAutopedia is a great example of how one association’s commitment to deliver meaningful content enriched its members’ sense of community.
September 2008
9/2/2008 Selling Advertising in Today’s Tightening Market

Selling advertising is tough in this market, but your association can survive the down cycle through a deeper knowledge of the trends and some expert advice on to end up on top.

9/16/2008 More Commentary on Selling Advertising in Today’s Market

The most important way to protect your publication's advertising sales during an economic downturn is to make sure it is positioned and viewed as the leading authority in your industry.



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