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The Why Behind 5 Apps to Boost Association Sales Productivity - 1/13/2016 -

The Why Behind 5 Apps to Boost Association Sales Productivity

Here are the top five digital business tools that your associationís ad sales staff shouldbe using right now to maximize their efforts in 2016.

By Dan Streeter and Tim Brown

Look at your phone. No, I am seriousÖlook at it.After you punch in your super-secret passcode, count the number of apps you have on your phone. More than likely, you have about 44 total apps.

Now, count the number of apps that you use to promote or create sales. Be sure to include apps that help you communicate with clients and/or promote your brand.

Most of us can only count two or three apps that are designed to help promote our livelihood:

1) Email

2) Text (which you mostly use for personal communication)

3) Your organizationís CRM (which you don't really use, but they force you to have it)

With over three million apps to choose from, you probably have guessed that there are more out there that could really help you communicate with your associationís clients, but youíre just not sure which apps to choose. So, hereís a two-step rule to determine if an appropriate app is worth the time to download and learn:

Step #1) Does it fit your overall plan for your professional development and communicating your associationís brand?

Step #2) What is the ROTI?

Letís take a look at Step #1 more closely:What are the areas in which you plan to grow in 2016? For example:

  • Expand your network more rapidly.
  • Be more organized through digital notes.
  • Exhibit a sense of urgency with prospects.
  • Communicate with clients more effectively.
  • Demonstrate your expertise and build your personal and organizational brands.

Now, pursueapps that specifically help you accomplish your plan. Here are some to consider:

App #1:LinkedIn

Personal goal:Expand your network

Time to download and learn:20 minutes

ROTI:Two hours per week plus greater opportunities

Why you should be using it:LinkedInseems like an obvious choice, and with nearly 400 million users across the world,LinkedInrepresents the largest business network on the planet. Having immediate ability to search, refer, request, and research a potential client, customer, or employee from the palm of your hand is absolutely vital.

App #2:Evernote

Personal goal:Be more organized through digital notes

Time to download, learn, and connect devices:one hour

ROTI: Two hours per week, plus team sharing and never losing another note again

Why you should be using it: In terms of keeping digital notes, you will likely choose between two primary products: EvernoteorMicrosoftís OneNote. Both work well for digital note taking, sharing notes with others, and transferring the notes between devices, but Evernote has one primary feature that makes it a preferred choice:Scannable(see app #3).

App #3:Scannable

Personal goal:Act with a stronger sense of urgency

Time to download and learn: One hour

ROTI: Two to four hours per week

Why you should be using it: What makesEvernotefirst in class is its partner app,Scannable.When combined withLinkedInand Evernote, Scannable allows you to scan a business card, saves the contact in your phone, and then sends a beautifully designed email to your newest contact.Itís really incredible. Just think, you never have to go back to the office to scan a card and send aLinkedInrequest again.

App #4:Skype

Personal goal: Communicate with clients more effectively

Time to download and learn:One hour

ROTI: Increase opportunity by 10 to 15 percent

Why you should be using it: The age of video chat is here, and in the business community, itís not only acceptable ó itís preferred.In lieu of a face-to-face meetings, Skype is the next best thing.Your client wants to see you, and you definitely need to see your client.There is no substitute for seeing the body language of a potential client. Take the time to learnSkype,and you instantly increase your tech-savviness rating with your prospects and clients.

App #5:LinkedIn PulseandSlideshare

Personal goal:Demonstrate your expertise and build your personal brand

Time to download and learn: Three hours

ROTI:Increased opportunity by 20 to 30 percent

Why you should be using it: 2016 will be the year of the content creator, and you are that creator. Currently, less than .002 percent of all users onLinkedIn publish their own expert-driven content.There is no better way to demonstrate that expertise than by postingarticlesthroughLinkedInís Pulse as well as posting PowerPointstyle presentations throughLinkedInís Slideshare. With every post and Slideshare you send, you become known as not only a content creator but also an expert in your given field.

And whatís even more awesome, each and every one of these apps is free. In this new era of sales, many of us have missed using the most powerful tool in sales today: your cell phone. Invest the time to download the apps to your phone that will help you to achieve your plan. Youíll undoubtedly see a gain in productivity, expediency, and closing rates.

Nowgo break through.

Tim Brown is founder of Three Creative, an author, and developer of sales and business development leadership programs. Dan Streeter is the principal of IMPART Learning Solutions and a professional speaker, who develops and delivers unique learning experiences for youth, teachers, and the corporate world. Learn more about the book and connect with the authors at www.oldschoolwithnewtools.com.


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