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The Top 12 of 2012 (Articles that Deserve a Second Read) - 12/11/2012 -

Here’s our list of Association Media & Publishing e-newsletter articles worth revisiting before you open the door to a new year.

By Carla Kalogeridis

  1. Your Website’s Dirty Little Secrets—By Anne Hegland. An association's website is its most significant communication and marketing vehicle. Yet, it also is the most overlooked. Why?
  2. Proper Feeding and Care of Your Online Community—by Joshua D. Paul. An online community manager is one of the most versatile and important roles in a modern membership organization. A community manager is a jack-of-many-trades with a singular focus on waking up every morning and making sure that the association’s online community is successful by the organization’s standards. What qualities should you look for in someone who will manage your association’s online community?
  3. Smartphone Photography 101—by Jennifer Ragan-Fore and Heidi Ellis. It happens more often than you’d think: You need to take a photo—a good photo—and the only camera anyone has handy is in their smartphone. Here are 10 tips for improving your smartphone photography skills.
  4. Five Ways Businesses Use Facebook Timelines—by Andrea Vahl. Are you wondering how businesses are creatively using Facebook’s Timeline features? Business timelines are blooming all over Facebook. Here are several good ideas on how to get Facebook’s Timeline working for your association.
  5. 12 Things to Do After Writing a New Blog Post—by Brody Dorland. You’ve just finished writing a great new blog post. You’re excited that you’ve shared your ideas and expertise with the world. But what should you do next?
  6. Celebrating Anniversaries: Start Early, Win Big—by Cecilia Sepp. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to celebrate an association anniversary, the story behind the 75th anniversary of AAOS is a rich resource.
  7. Your 2012 Guide to Email Open and Click Through Rates—by Cecily Walters. What are average click-throughs and open rates in association emails, and how can you move your own metrics closer to the industry standard?
  8. Give Me One Good Reason to Share—by Andrew Hanelly. There are a lot of blips on our daily radars. We check our Twitter stream. We drop in on Facebook. We comb through our RSS feeds. And for the most part, we ignore most of the content we see. Here’s how to start a conversation with your world.
  9. Learn to Sell on Value, Not Price—by Nathan Jamail. When selling advertising in association media products, price is only an issue when it is presented as the primary benefit.
  10. The Seven Traits of Better Web Content—by Beth Mirza. Each piece of website content—long or short—needs to be written in plain, action-oriented language and adhere to these seven traits.
  11. Weighing the Custom Publishing Proposition—by Kerry A. Sullivan. Here’s how one association uses custom publishing sponsorships to boost revenue without negatively affecting its brand.
  12. Using Facebook to Drive Membership Engagement—by Margaret Maloney. Does awareness equal engagement? Can greater engagement translate into increased membership, more sales, registrations, or other revenue generation for the association?

Carla Kalogeridis is editorial director of Association Media & Publishing.


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