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People Love Pictures, So Put That to Work - 1/8/2013 -

Try these six creative ways to use photos to increase engagement on your associationís Facebook page.

By John Haydon

The reason Facebook paid a billion dollars for Instagram is the same reason why Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites in history. Itís also the reason why Facebook redesigned pages to the new Timeline layout: People love pictures.

More than 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. Facebook users love liking, commenting on, and sharing photos more than any other type of content on Facebook. So posting photos automatically gives you an advantage in the Edgerank game. (Editorís note: Edgerank is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed and how high it appears on the news feed.)

Here are six ideas to help you get more from the photos you post on your associationís Facebook page.

1. Post big photos. Make sure your photos are at least 851 x 403 pixels. That said, you should also consider posting sizes even larger so that when users view photos in fullscreen, theyíll see the image at the highest resolution. This variesdependingon screen size, but as an example, a 17-inch Macbook Pro is 1920◊1200 (iPhone photos are 1936 x 2592).

2. Use Reddit. Reddit (www.reddit.com) is probably one of the ugliest but most useful websites on the internet. You can easily search for photos related to your cause and sort them by recency or popularity. And if itís received a lot of attention on Reddit, chances are it will do well with your Facebook page.

3. Inject virality. One common factor that helps content go viral is the ability for users to make it their own. For example, Americans Against The Tea Party created an image that allowed users to point an arrow at their profile picture once they shared the photo (make sure you mention your organization in small print at the bottom of the image.)

You can see how that works by sharing on of these more politically neutral images.

4. Create covers for fans. Youíve been busy focusing on your Facebook page over the past month (which is understandable given the switch to timelines). But donít forget that your fans are looking for ways to make their profiles look great, too. One way to help them, and promote your organization in the process, is to create cover images.

Check out the batch Best Friends Animal Society created to promote their Spring Pet Super Adoption campaign.

5. Post photos as links. Because photos have a huge Edgerank advantage over other types of content, why not post photos as links on your associationís Facebook page? Hereís how:

  1. Select an awesome photo within a recent blog post (hopefully, you have a blog).
  2. Post this photo on your Facebook page.
  3. In the "say something about thisĒ field, post a short description about the article along with a link.

Users will be more likely to share, comment on, and like an amazing photo than they would a link to an article containing that same amazing photo. Itís a better means to the same end.

6. Use Pinterest. If your association is using Pinterest, youíll love this approach to amping up engagement on your Facebook Page.

When you post photos to Pinterest, you have an option of including a URL users can click on in the image. Try re-posting a few photos from your Facebook page onto Pinterest and link back to the photo on Facebook.

Eventually, you can use Insights to find out how much traffic Pinterest is sending to your Facebook page.

John Haydon is founder of Inbound Zombie.


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