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Live Polls and Surprise EXTRA!s Add Excitement to 34th Annual EXCEL Awards - 5/21/2014 -

Which two association publishing teams won this year's coveted EXTRA! Award?

Association Media & Publishing’s EXCEL Awards—the largest and most prestigious awards program that exclusively recognizes excellence and leadership in nonprofit association media, publishing, and communications—were presented to 110 organizations and associations at the 34th Annual EXCEL Awards Gala on Monday, May 19th.

The winning entries represent the industry’s most exemplary work in editorial, design, marketing, web publishing, mobile applications, and more.

This year’s awards night also included a series of digital live polls, which kept the audience engaged and allowed attendees to take the pulse of their publishing colleagues on certain topics, both fun and professional: Would you read a 1,500 word article on your mobile phone? The Tonight Show: Jammin' with Jimmy or Missing Jay? What's more valuable…a great writer or a great editor? The Happy Song: Please--stop, or It's my ringtone?

Although attendees had fun answering the live polls on their cell phones and watching the results come in on the big screen, the heart of the program was the 196 awards given to association publishing teams and their vendor partners.

"The EXCEL Awards program is building awareness for the association publishing industry’s body of work, and they are advancing our profession,” says Sarah Patterson, CAE, executive director of Association Media & Publishing. "The EXCEL Awards are also important to our individual careers and success.”

The EXCEL Awards Gala, held in conjunction with Association Media & Publishing’s 2014 Annual Meeting, was sponsored by Sheridan Magazines. In honor of Association Media & Publishing’s 50th anniversary this year, the physical EXCEL Awards were redesigned by the design and content marketing firm, Bussolati.

In keeping with tradition, the EXTRA! Awards were presented at the end of the gala. Kept a secret until the last minute, the EXTRA! Awards are chosen by the judges from among all EXCEL Award recipients to recognize those winning entries that took bold chances and successfully innovated an association media product.

Two organizations received an EXTRA! Award this year: the World Wildlife Fund, for its winter 2013 article design in World Wildlife Magazine, titled "Primeiras e Segundas, and be.group for mysilverage.com, which won the gold award for general excellence in the web publishing category.

"The entire July/August issue of Signature magazine is devoted to the EXCEL Award winning entries and many of the intriguing backstories behind them,” says Carla Kalogeridis, editorial director of Association Media & Publishing. "It’s one of our most popular issues of the year—a real keeper—because it celebrates our hard-earned successes as publishers.”


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