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How to Leverage Your Webinars - 1/22/2013 -

Hereís how to turn your associationís webinars into articles or even a book.

By Alex Goldfayn

Leverage has been coming up a whole lot with associations recently. Iím finding that many organizations arenít leveraging their successes.

How can you leverage a significant turnout for your associationís next webinar? Here are some approaches:

  • Tell members and those on your marketing list about the high participation.
  • Tell the pressó"More than 300 professionals to attend (your associationís) webinar.Ē After the webinar, alert the press to its success and provide the three top points.
  • Record it. Share it with everyone who signed up.
  • Sell it on your website. It doesnít matter if nobody buysóthis is your wildly successful webinar. Give it away to members throughout the year as a credibility tool.
  • Clip 90-second pieces, by topic, and post them on your organizationís blog. Stretch them out over time. Promote them in your newsletter.
  • Leverage the recording and clips for growing your association. Share them with potential members and sponsors.
  • Can you create a monthly webinar based on the topics? Can you break out each major topic, add depth, and create monthly sessions? If so, you now have a high-value, monthly content vehicle to offer to all those in attendance and your entire marketing list.
  • If you can create a webinar series, you can create an article on each of the topics, too. Articles can go in your associationís magazine, e-newsletter, blog, and websiteóor pitch them to editors at B2B and other professional publications or websites that are read by your members or potential members.
  • And if you can do all of that, you can write a book with those topics.

So there you go, one successful webinar turned into countless marketing pieces, an item to sell, a tool for attracting members, a monthly webinar series, ten or more articles for your current membersóand, yes, even a book.

Leverage. Every success by your associationís publishing team can be leveraged in this way now that you know how.

Alex Goldfayn is CEO of Evangelist Marketing Institute and a former syndicated Chicago Tribune columnist.


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