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How to Celebrate Your Publicationís Next Big Anniversary - 5/3/2016 -

How to Celebrate Your Publicationís Next Big Anniversary

Not only is your anniversary a time to celebrate, itís also a great way to engage your readers and learn more about their wants and needs.

By Grace Keyes

Congratulations! Your publication is turning 10, 15, 20,30+. No matter how many years your publication is celebrating, your can make this anniversary one to remember.

Anniversaries are an important time to reflect on accomplishments and strive toward new goals moving forward.Take time to look back at the beginning or end of the year and evaluate the publicationís results. Not only is your anniversary a time to celebrate, itís also a great way to engage your readers and learn more about their wants and needs.

A good approach is to treat the celebration as a campaign. Put together a list of fun tactics to engage your audienceóinvite them to take polls and readership surveys focused on their interests and what theyíre looking for when they read your publication (take a look at a few ideas suggested below). Then evaluate the results of your tactics, use your readersí feedback, and make it last beyond the anniversary. At the end of the campaign, youíll not only be celebrating your publication, but also youíll be taking away valuable ideasófrom your own readersóto improve it moving forward.

Interested in celebrating your publicationís anniversary, but not quite sure how to do that? Use this list below as your guide.

  • Create an anniversary logo.
  • Design a special anniversary publication to be release date some point during the year ó could be during the specific anniversary month or anytime that works best with other publishing activities you have lined up.
  • Produce a collage of cover articles from past issues.
  • Interview volunteer leaders on the growth of the publication.
  • Choose archived articles to re-purpose into something your readers will find relevant today.
  • Plan a social media campaign. Use Throwback Thursdays (#TBT) to post past articles/cover stories.
  • Form a photo album of past cover articles and photos used throughout the years in the publication.
  • Generate a fun-facts list about your publication and things that have happened throughout the years.
  • Incorporate video.Video popularity continues to rise, so create a quick one- to two-minute video about the history of your publication. Or incorporate your fun-facts list into a video.
  • Establish a dedicated web page for the anniversary. Keep the page live on your website moving forward. This keeps the content searchable for readers to access at any point.
  • Invite your readers to share their favorite articles and authors.You can feature these on your website, social media, and your publication.
  • Set up a poll. Ask your readers to vote on their favorite past cover or cover stories, articles,or themes.

There are endless ways to celebrate your big anniversary. Have fun with this! Show your readers the value of your publication and really pour your excitement into everything you do surrounding the publicationís anniversary.The goal is for the energy to catch on and engage your readers with your organization.

Also, be sure to capture the buzz: Pull statistics from the end of the campaign (i.e., number of engaged users, website visitors,social media likes/engagement,survey results) and use those moving forward ó perhaps for your next big anniversary.

Grace Keyes is marketing communications coordinator for the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a member of the AM&P Content Creation Committee.


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