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From the Listerver: Who Uses Insite - 4/6/2010 -

Your colleagues discuss their experiences with the online proofing system called Insite.

Q. We're thinking of changing to a publisher that uses InSite, and we were wondering if any Association Media & Publishing members use it. Do you like it, love it, hate it, wish it operated differently?

A. We've used InSite for nearly 10 years and have been well-pleased with the performance of the program.There have been the usual handful of technical glitches from time to time, most involving Java and certain firewall problems, but on the whole the program has performed well for us and has enabled much quicker turnaround than was possible using dyluxes and other physical proofing media.

Judson P. Haverkamp, director of publications, Minnesota State Bar Association

A. We've been using Insite for five or more years, and we really like it. Uploading and approving files is quick and easy. The glitches do happen but not very often. If you have a responsive account manager, you should have no problem getting those cleared up.

Amanda Charney, director of publications, International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)

A. I have several clients who use printers with the InSite proofing system. As a designer, I find it very easy to upload files. After a quick automated preflight, pages are available to approve immediately. Most printers allow unlimited page substitutions (AAs) for free as long as it is done before approving pages. We still pull a SWOP (hardcopy) proof for the cover of each issue of one of the magazines I design. We prefer to see accurate color here.Overall, it's a fairly simple process.

Lynn Riley, president, Lynn Riley Design, Inc.

A. National Guard magazine started using InSite in March 2008 with our former print vendor. We liked how much more efficient it made our production process. When we sent out the RFP for print vendors that same year, we were excited to see responses from other vendors that also used the system. We are still using InSite, and truly enjoy the efficiency and quality it has brought to our production process. Highly recommend!

Melissa K. Swanson, communications products program manager, National Guard Association of the United States


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