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From the Listerver: Social Media on Magazine Sites - 6/22/2010 -

Your colleagues discuss how they are using social media to enhance their magazine websites.

Q. I just read an article in Final Proof that said Facebook, Twitter, Poll Daddy, Blogger, and YouTube can enhance your web presence.Can anyone share how they are using social media on their magazine website, and does your magazine website have a blog?

A. We added a "Tell a friend” linkto every article on our magazine website, which allows readers to share stories on a broad range of social media sites.

We also launched a Facebook page and Twitter account for the magazine, where we promote new articles. (We use Hootsuite to convert our RSS feeds directly into tweets and to monitor mentions of our content, so we rarely interact with Twitter directly.)

Facebook referrals are running neck and neck with referrals from our association website.

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

We also publish several blogs: http://blogs.uuworld.org/.

We introduced moderated comments to one of our blogs earlier this year using Disqus, which lets participants link their comments to their social media profiles or individual blogs.

Christopher L. Walton, Editor, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

A. Our digital version offers social networking site sharing, email to a friend, etc. Because our resources are currently member password protected, when this shared, "look inside" version is sent, it only allows the end user to see three pages before it asks for a member log in. If the reader is not a member, then it prompts them to join.

We do not have a separate blog. ACC's blog is here: http://www.inhouseaccess.com/. But we have started, with our new director of social media, posting a monthly message from me when the magazine is launched.

We are planning on expanding our social media efforts at our Annual Meeting in October. So, I know we have not firmed up efforts/planning yet.

Kim Howard, Editor in Chief, ACC Docket, Association of Corporate Counsel


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