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AssociationNation Tackles Rapid Response in Debut Podcast - 3/9/2017 -

The inaugural episode of AssociationNation jumped right into the heart of an important question for associations: "When information moves at the speed of tweets and the news cycle spins swiftly, are you ready to tap into timely conversations?”

Jaime Andriopoulos, vice president of client strategy for Imagination and the host of AssociationNation, introduced listeners to the new podcast from Association Media & Publishing and Imagination with a look at some of the successes and challenges of association publishing professionals who are in the thick of rapid response media.

"For me, it was interesting to see so many different ways rapid response content can be used by different types of organizations,” she says. "It shows how nimble that type of content can be. It can address very different priorities. You might not be pursuing advocacy or breaking news, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t need for this type of content.”

The new podcast is available on Imagination's website and listeners can subscribe to AssociationNation via Google Play, here, and iTunes, here.

For the episode, the Imagination team interviewed Kate Chandler, digital content director for National Federation of Independent Business; Jess Perry, senior vice president of publishing and media for Society for Human Resource Management; and Dennis Wharton, executive vice president of communications for National Association of Broadcasters.

"We made a commitment to rapid response media about two years ago to show our members and potential members that we really have a pulse on their issues, because we do,” Chandler says.

She notes that NFIB is not looking to break the news, but to help explain it.

"Our members know it happened, but then they think ‘What does that mean? Is that going to cost me money? Am I going to have to redo something in my business plan?’” she says. "They need to understand the practical implications of is the news they are hearing.”

Perry says staying up on the most important happenings of the industry is important for her team and her members.

"There isn’t any one specific source or even formula that we use. It’s a lot about feel, subject matter expertise, and knowledge of our members,” Perry says. "At the end of the day, there are two aspects of timeliness. One is serving your members, covering something because it’s information they need to know. The other is a touch point with members. Think broadly about how you view timeliness.”

But don’t mistake rapid response for an easy task.

"This is not for the faint of heart,” Wharton says. "It’s a 24-7 rapid response, proactive PR climate that you’re in constantly. I have to be on the front line, on defense.”

For more advice from these three and the Imagination team, check out March’s episode. And keep listening for the next episode — available in April — as Andriopoulos and the Imagination team look at "Building a Home for Your Content Marketing.” It promises to be everything associations need to know about content hubs, the central place for content creation, and distribution in a digital strategy.

Andriopoulos says the format of the podcast might change slightly to best suit each topic, but every episode will focus on discussing the issues that are important to association publishers.

"Who better than associations to be thought leaders about the issues of the day?” Andriopoulos says.


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