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AssociationNation Podcast Series Premieres Monday - 3/2/2017 -

Starting Monday, March 6, you can catch AssociationNation — the new podcast series from Association Media & Publishing and Imagination — on your favorite media player.

Jaime Andriopoulos, vice president of client strategy for Imagination and the host of AssociationNation, says the series focuses on discussions with publishing professionals about tips, best practices, and innovations from all facets of the association publishing world.

"We are talking about who is doing well, who is doing not so well, and where people can look for examples of what’s going on in the industry,” Andriopoulos says. "We’ll be talking to three to five people per topic. We really want to get point-of-view accounts of successes and challenges.”

The first episode will dive into the rapid response content in slow environments. Andriopoulos says this is a topic that comes up a lot with Imagination’s association clients. She says many times associations see timely trends and breaking news happening, but they don’t have a process in place to respond or become part of the conversation, so they are left behind.

"Most associations are not in the business of breaking news, even if it’s related to their field,” Andriopoulos says. "But they are the voice of their membership, and they can put the news in context of what it means for their members. That’s what rapid response should look like for them.”

For the episode, Andriopoulos interviewed Kate Chandler, digital content director for National Federation of Independent Business; Jess Perry, senior vice president of publishing and media for Society for Human Resource Management; and Dennis Wharton, executive vice president of communications for National Association of Broadcasters.

"The three organizations that we talked to all handled rapid response very differently,” Andriopoulos says. "They are all pretty large, but we covered the internal, dedicated content team approach; the external agency approach; and the scrappy, small-team approach. We wanted to lay out major steps to determine how you are going to make this type of content a priority. Then we rounded it out with best practices, knowing that not everyone will be able to dedicate a team of 30 people to this or be able to hire an agency to do it.”

Andriopoulos says she liked hearing different ideas for associations to add context and perspective to breaking news or events. She hopes that the episode gives people ideas for things they can do right now with what resources they already have.

"For me, it was interesting to see so many different ways rapid response content can be used by different types of organizations,” she says. "It shows how nimble that type of content can be. It can address very different priorities. You might not be pursuing advocacy or breaking news, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t need for this type of content.”

Listeners can subscribe to AssociationNation now via Google Play, here, and iTunes, here. Starting Monday, the episodes will also be available on AM&P’s and Imagination’s websites.

And "stay tuned” for April when Andriopoulos and the Imagination team look at "Building a Home for Your Content Marketing.” It promises to be everything associations need to know about content hubs, the central place for content creation, and distribution in a digital strategy.


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