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digitalNow has extended an exclusive offer to Association Media & Publishing members to attend this year’s conference at a preferred rate.

Scheduled for May 28-30, 2015 at Walt Disney World’s Swan Dolphin Resort, AM&P members can attend for $645 instead of paying the full rate of $845.

Through a negotiated collaboration where AM&P will also provide a conference session for attendees, digitalNow is extending this exclusive offer to AM&P members. (Register for the AM&P preferred rate of $645.)

Now in its 15th year, digitalNow has forged a reputation for exemplary education, networking, and technology innovations exclusively for association leaders. digitalNow 2015 speakers include:

Keynotes. Opening keynote speaker Rachel Botsman is traveling from Australia to lead attendees through a dynamic discussion about how associations can achieve their purpose and provide new value through the power of collaboration and sharing through digital technologies. On day two, David Bell, author and award-winning professor of digital marketing at the Wharton School, will explore how migrating from good to great requires expansion of niche locations beyond traditional membership, and how the powerful principles of online consumerism apply to associations and membership.

The closing day keynote is author Margaret Heffernan. Born in Texas, raised in Holland, and educated at Cambridge University, Heffernan lives and works in the United Kingdom. At digitalNow, she will address how leadership styles and organizational and board culture can crush creativity by narrowing focus — disengaging a sense of freedom and responsibility and undermining trust.

Microsoft. Joseph Dickerson is a writer, technologist, and user experience lead who specializes in next-generation experiences and products. A designer of multiple mobile and Internet applications, he has worked to make technology easier and better for users for over a decade. He is the author of several books, including a primer on user experience design, Experience Matters.

IBM. Scott Edwards is a product manager at IBM. Prior to IBM, he was the co-founder of Outstart, the award-winning learning management suite, based on the phiolosphy that learning isn’t about one system — it’s about an ecosystem.

Google. Krista Seiden is analytics product marketing manager at Google. Seiden will discuss the customer life cycle, A/B testing, and the best practices in applying analytics in cloud, mobile, and social where the dynamics are in constant flux.

Intel. Pam Didner, formerly of Intel, will discuss how an association’s services and employees are its new marketing weapons and will identify five marketing trends that will impact the future of associations.

WayBlazer. Terry Jones is CEO of WayBlazer, former founder of Travelocity, and former chairman of Kayak. Using IBM Watson natural language interface and lots of data — including your own association data — WayBlazer offers insights and recommendations much like a personal concierge. Ultimately, this session is s preview what associations can provide in a new model of "insight as a service.

Blinkist. Niklas Jansen is CEO of Blinkist, a mobile learning company that distills key insights from outstanding non-fiction books into beautiful, concise, 15-minute, made-for-mobile reads. Blinkist is currently available for iPhone, iPad, and web.

MentorMe. Brit Fitzpatrick is founder and CEO of MentorMe. Fitzpatrick was named among the Top 50 under 40 social enterprise leaders in the U.S. by the American Express Foundation. MentorMe is reinventing the way communities invest in people by making it easy to manage mentoring programs.

Czarina Games. Czarina Games was founded by CEO Alicia Sanchez. Following a brief stint at Old Dominion University’s simulation center, Sanchez served as Defense Acquisition’s Games czar where she launched over 40 serious games and the first-ever Department of Defense Casual Serious Games site. Sanchez offers solid research and experience that establishes games as the key to adult learning.

In addition to these presentations, digitalNow will also be offering sessions on:

  • The ROI of social media
  • Revenue diversification
  • Creating opportunities in the sharing economy
  • Evidence-based decision making: converting data into real member value
  • Building the business case for an online community to ensure it yields value for the organization and members

To review conference eligibility requirements and see additional program announcements, visit the official digitalNow website.





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