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8 Creative Ways to Use Embeddable Tweets - 5/22/2012 -

What if your Twitter conversations could expand to include more people from your online community? Now you can thanks to embedded tweets, a new feature from Twitter.

By Charlene Kingston

Embedded tweets allow you to take a tweet or a conversation and post it on your website or in a blog post. You can use this feature to share your Twitter conversation with a larger audience. But more than that, the embedded tweets have interactive features. From an embedded tweet, a visitor to your website or a blog post reader can:

  • Reply to the tweet and join the conversation.
  • Share the conversation with their Twitter community using retweet.
  • Mark the tweet as a favorite.
  • View the Twitter profile of the tweet author.
  • Follow the tweet author.
  • View tweet replies by clicking the tweet date.

An embedded tweet allows people to interact from your associationís blog or website. All of this happens right on your website. Twitter adds a pop-up window so your visitor never leaves your website or blog post. Itís like having a little Twitter conversation launch pad installed on your website.

Before embedded tweets, a screen capture was the only way you could share a single tweet on your blog. Now, you have a quick and easy way to post a tweet or a conversation online. Embedded tweets stand out on the page because they include graphic elements, so they draw the eyes of your visitors. If you embed a reply, Twitter posts not only the reply, but also the original tweet, giving you a conversation view. This puts individual tweets in context so they make more sense.

When you choose a reply tweet, Twitter includes the original tweet so you see the reply in context. Tweets with photos from pic.twitter.com and videos from YouTube appear with the media visible. If the tweet includes media from other services, your visitors can click through the tweet to display the image or video.

Create an Embedded Tweet

You create an embedded tweet by inserting special HTML code into your website, blog post, email signature, or anyplace that accepts HTML code. (Note: Before you get the HTML code, make sure you know where you are going to insert your embedded tweet and know how to insert HTML in that tool.)

To get the HTML code to create an embedded tweet:

  1. Locate a tweet on Twitter.com that you want to embed. You can embed any tweet that you can see in a timeline.
  2. Hover your mouse over the tweet and click the Expand option. The expand option starts the embedded tweet process.
  3. Click Details. The expanded view provides more details about the tweet. Twitter displays the tweet on its own page.
  4. Click Embed this Tweet. The Embed this Tweet option is only available after you expand the tweet view. Twitter displays the Embed this Tweet window.
  5. Choose the alignment option for your tweet (left, right or center). The default alignment is None. Choose either Right, Left, or Center to get a graphical display for your tweet. Twitter adjusts the HTML code for the alignment option you choose. (Note: If you choose None, your embedded tweet doesnít look like the example pictures in this article. Instead, your embedded tweet uses the block quote style from your blog, website or other posting location.)
  6. Click inside the HTML code box to highlight the code. After choosing the alignment, click inside the code box to highlight the code.
  7. Copy the HTML code (CTRL+C or Command+C) and paste it into your website, blog or other destination. Copy the code into your computer's clipboard.

Here are eight ways you can use embedded tweets to spark conversations within your online community.

#1: Add member comments and testimonials to your website.

#2: Share event invitations.

#3: Add opinions and ideas from others to your blog posts.

#4: Continue a twitter conversation in a blog post.

#5: Recap highlights from a tweet chat into a blog post.

#6: Share comments made during an event.

#7: Share audience comments during a training class, webinar, or speaking engagement.

#8: Add a tweet to your email signature.

Embeddable tweets are a great tool for associations looking to boost engagement with members and potential members online. Give it a try!

Charlene Kingston teaches small businesses to incorporate customer conversations on social media into their operations at the Social Media DIY Workshop.


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