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6 Simple Things You Must Do to Achieve Your Associationís Ad Sales Goals in 2016 - 1/19/2016 -

6 Simple Things You Must Do to Achieve Your Associationís Ad Sales Goals in 2016

Goals are great, but execution is the key. Set yourself up for success with these specific ad sales strategies.

By Ryan Dhorn

Each New Year, we set resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. Experts tell us that 90 percent of people set goals on January 1st, yet less than 10 percent achieve those goals. Here, I have identified six things you must do if you want to actually achieve your associationís advertising sales goals for the New Year.

Idea #1: Set goals that are realistic. Consider cutting your goals by as much as 35 to 50 percent. Trust me ó be realistic. Push. Stretch. Grow. But, be realistic if you want to succeed this year. Often, the goal is just too large to accomplish in the period of time that you have allocated. This seems so simple, yet it is the number-one offense of New Year goal setting.

Idea #2: Set focus points. After you make a list of your goals, you need to set a path to get there. For example: I want to grow my publicationís or websiteís sales revenue by 75 percent. Ok, great. What is that number? Say it is $100,000. What are the three things you will need to do to accomplish that? Perhaps, clean up your CRM? Maybe get to work at 7am every day? Perhaps you will need to get some sales training? Without focus points, goals are dreams at best. Get specific.

Idea #3: Eliminate random patterns in your life. Each day should not be a new day in "sales land.Ē Identify patterns in your life that are random. If they are important to your sales process, then turn them into time blocks and commit to them daily. Use your calendar to keep you on track. If they are not important to your sales life, eliminate them.

Idea #4: Identify repeatable patterns of success. Last year, there were things that went right in your associationís sales efforts. Identify those things and repeat them. Identify things that did not go right and do not repeat them. Seems simple, right? Then, why do so many sales people repeat things that do not work and hope for a different result? Because from birth you have been taught that if you work really, really hard, you can achieve anything. This is not true. Sorry.Working hard at the wrong things will get you nowhere. If youíre not sure where youíre off in your sales process, get some help.

Idea #5: Understand that ad sales is a numbers game. Break down your numbers into bite-size pieces. Rather than stare at a $200,000 media sales goal, break that down. Then create a plan to attack the smaller pieces. Once you have the number broken into manageable pieces, then back yourself into your numbers.

For example, if your goal is $200,000 and your product sells for $10,000, then you will need to close 20 deals. If you close 50 percent of the clients that you meet with, then you need to prospect 40 potential clients. As a sales coach, I would advise you to prospect 50. You need a buffer to stay on track.

Idea #6:Get some help. Goal setting is easy, but reaching those goals is not only hard ó it is near impossible without some help and guidance. Think about this: When do you lose the most weight ó by yourself or with a partner? When do you gain the most muscle mass ó by yourself or with a trainer? What do you need to be a success?

Ryan Dohrn is a global media sales coach and trainer with 360 Ad Sales.He works with over 50 media companies, associations, and event managers and has trained over 3,000 ad sales people in seven countries.


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