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What Motivates Volunteers

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From the Association Media & Publishing Lunch & Learn program, Manage Up, Manage Down, on February 25, 2011, these quick tips will help motivate and engage your non-profit and association volunteers.
For an association media professional, navigating your way through the work day often means going up against challenges from those you report to as well as those who report to you. Having the professional savvy to know how best to manage your direct reports is as important as knowing how best to manage your boss. Join us for this Lunch and Learn session to discuss insights and tips for managing up and down the chain of command, especially when working within the culture and special considerations of an association workplace.
Randy Nanna, Publisher, American Institute of Physics
Content Leaders:
Tiffani Alexander, Managing Editor, ACC Docket, Association of Corporate Counsel
Cynthia Conner, Vice President of Professional Resources, American Health Lawyers Association



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