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Social Media Director
January 2011

The Social Media Director is responsible for developing and overseeing the association's Social Media Strategy across all internal brands, audiences and platforms. This role coordinates with the PR/Communications, Editorial, Marketing, Legal, IT/Web, Membership and Advocacy departments and Board Members to support the association. The position involves serving as lead person to develop and implement a proactive Social Media strategy to leverage traditional PR efforts through online engagement; position the association at the forefront of the online in-house counsel community; and utilize the necessary tools and outlets to generate additional interest, exposure and involvement with the association. The Social Media Director must have the ability to develop and implement- a business vision for the association's social media initiative, including goal-setting, educating internal staff and tracking results.

Essential Responsibilities
Create the social media strategy, coordinating with key stakeholders to ensure its effectiveness and ensure the adoption of relevant social media techniques into the corporate culture.
Creatively and proactively engaging with members and the community via our eGroups, Blogs, LinkedIn groups and other avenues.
Position the association's Blog as a leading industry blog. Develop plan to keep blogs current, active and relevant.
Ensure overall consistent messaging on all platforms by working with various departments (meetings, chapters, membership, legal resources, PR, marketing, etc.)
Work with other staff to leverage platforms that help push the association's products and services and enhance member experience.
Utilize content from other departments and create new content to push the association's services, positions, and stands on issues.
Provide benchmarks and analyze issues, patterns and trends in requests and resources.
Transfer the information to the appropriate departments so that they can respond accordingly. Manage process to ensure fast turnaround and responsiveness.
Monitor and actively participate in online conversations to build brand visibility and thought leadership.
Monitor and evaluate competition in the social media arena.
Work with other staff to identify potential topics and issues that other departments may wish to consider in development of products and services.
Editing/flagging Blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, etc.
Establishing metrics, providing reports and recommendations.
Identifying and engaging advocates/fans of the association.
Proactively escalate issues, observations, opportunities, and insights to the executive team.
Communicating issues, opportunities and insights to the association as they become available.
Ensure new requests are acted upon (e.g. relevant department) quality control
Ensure accurate messaging/coordinated with marketing
Maintain tracking of frequently asked questions
Continuously monitor needs based on feedback/online discussions and share with appropriate staff.

As the key point person on social media activities, the Director would be responsible for staying current on new social media tools, best practices and how other associations and companies are using them, so that the association can continue to be an early adopter of these technologies.

To ensure overall message consistency with all platforms, the Director would work with the department points of contact (referenced below).

Qualifications and Experience
Education: Bachelor's degree in advertising, marketing, communications, English, IT, or related.
Work Experience: Experience or training in advertising, PR, online marketing or similar field
Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills and an ability to work individually on a project or in a team environment. Strong editorial writer. Is able to present needs and plans and communicate internally. Eager to meet and exceed objectives and take on more responsibility. Outstanding organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines. Ability to communicate results to management and in a fast paced environment. Has foresight and vision and identifies Social Computing trends.
EEO Employer, Good Benefits, Great Working Environment

Please submit resume, cover letter (with salary requirements and desired start date) to XXXXXXX and include links to any of the following you may have:
Twitter account, Blog/websites, LinkedIn profile, and any other social media profiles or channels you wish to share.



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