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Acquisitions Editor, Content Development

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Acquisitions Editor, Content Development
October 2010

In this role, you will serve as the content expert and lead writer in a team focused on the development of complex virtual products, including online courses and videos. Successful applicants be excellent writers, and are capable of making nuanced, time-sensitive content and editorial decisions.

Key Duties

Ensure that virtual products are relevant and engaging and that they meet the needs of members and contribute meaningfully to the larger education community.
Help subject matter experts shape and organize key ideas, review and comment on their input, and negotiate changes to content to ensure the final product is original, research-based, practical, specific, and conversational.
Identify potential subject matter experts for consideration and function as a point of contact for new and potential authors and subject matter experts. Help develop potential new products and ideas originating from existing subject matter experts and authors.
Collaborate with unit members to create templates and quality criteria to expedite and streamline efforts across projects.
Participate in virtual products' long-range strategic planning and content. Research topics and trends in the marketplace and presents them for consideration.
Evaluate completed products for quality, review permissions, and make recommendations for copyediting and production.
Collaborate with colleagues in other units. Contribute to developing concepts and review content for other programs, products, and services.


To qualify, you must possess knowledge of online product lifecycles, processes, and procedures, including long-range planning; product conceptualization and development; template and protocol development; and quality assurance standards. Project leadership and experience in professional development strategies and delivery is a plus. Successful candidates typically hold a bachelor's or master's degree and have at least five years experience in the educational and/or non-profit industries, with 2 5 years of experience in online education or educational technology.



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