How to fix five common ad sales roadblocks

How to fix five common ad sales roadblocks
3/15/2016 2:39:29 PM

How to fix five common ad sales roadblocks

The most common problem stopping sales people from being a raging success are random patterns passed off as a "sales process.” The truth is, there should be nothing random about your sales process at all. Here are the five roadblocks you should overcome to remove randomness from your sales life — and that includes random results.

By Ryan Dohrn

What are the five most common roadblocks that are stopping you from exceeding your association’s advertising and sponsorship sales goals? The most common problem stopping sales people from being a raging success are random patterns passed off as a "sales process.”Let’s explore five ideas to remove randomness from your sales life.

In sales, that randomness is the new normal.I read hundreds of blogs posts each month via Twitter.Many "experts” push agendas like "Reinvent yourself daily” or "Commit to nothing except change.” Really?This is sad. I have found the exact opposite to be true.

Commitment equals greater results in life, love, and business.I have also observed five roadblocks to sales success that we can tackle and fix today.If we can commit to fixing these five issues, we will escape from Randomland and leave on a solid roadway for success.Are you willing to commit to a new path for sales training success and leave Randomland behind?

Let’s explore these five ideas together.

1. Get intimate with your call-to-close ratios. Do you know your call-to-close ratios? Don’t just say yes. Do you really know how many calls you need to make to get to a meeting? Then, how many meetings you need to host to get to a closed deal? This is how I work my numbers each month. I work 50 clients to get to 10 meetings. From those 10 meetings I present eight proposals. From the eight proposals I normally close five deals.

Solution: To beat this roadblock, you must intimately know your call-to-close ratios.

2. Plan and track your total sales touches. It takes 12 to 15 touches to get a potential buyer to respond to what your association is trying to sell.Most sales people give up after four attempts.This idea is easy to read but hard to fix.

Do you understand what drip marketing is?Drip marketing is your ability to slowly and consistently place your sales marketing information or message in front of a potential buyer.Create email and voice mail templates that vary in length, tone, and subject matter.Understand that an immediate response is probably not going to happen.Use videos in your emails to boost interactivity.

Solution: Increase your touches to beat this roadblock.

3. Be realistic when you try to fix things. Most sales people are unrealistic about the amount of time it will take to see a change in their ad sales results.In most cases, once you commit to making a change to your sales process, it will take a minimum of 30 days to see the results.Very rarely is there a quick fix to a sales problem.How committed are you to the journey it may take to not only discover the core problem, but then fix that problem?

Solution: To beat this roadblock, be patient.

4. Don’t procrastinate. Most sales people wait until a deadline is looming to get serious about selling.Clients buy when they are ready to buy — not when you are ready to sell.One of the keys to sales success is starting early and understanding your buyers’ purchase cycles.Are you committed to the total process, or are you looking for a quick kill?

In sales, there are two types of people: hunters and farmers. Both are needed. One is not better than the other. Identify your sales personality, and adjust your time frame for it. Farmers need more time to nurture the seed; so, if you are a farmer, plant corn early. If you are hunter, don’t wait until the last minute either. Just know that your style might not fit the client.

Solution: To beat this roadblock, make plans to work hard months — not days — before a sales deadline.

5. Seek out training. Most sales people lack sufficient ad sales training to put best practices in place.(Yes, this point is a bit self-serving since I am in the ad sales training and ad sales coaching business, but the point still remains true.) What are you doing to grow your skill set? Most serious sales professionals are looking to improve daily.Do you read sales blogs?What about hiring a sales coach?How about attending a sales training conference?The most common reality is that most sales people are waiting for their organization to pay for the training or coaching.Why wait?Your investment in yourself, even in small ways, benefits who? You.

Solution: To beat this roadblock, commit to training and adding to your skill set in whatever ways you can.

So, where do you grow from here? Review these five points of focus.Pick one and commit to it for a minimum of 30 days.Next, find an accountability buddy in your life who will help you stay on track. In the end, the success you desire is truly up to you. I have seen literally hundreds of sales people commit to change, and they have walked away with greater satisfaction in work and life.I know that you can do this, too.I just know it.

Ryan Dohrn is a global media sales coach and trainer with 360 Ad Sales.He works with over 50 media companies, associations, and event managers and has trained over 3,000 ad sales people in seven countries.

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