Signature is the flagship magazine of Association Media & Publishing that provides practical information and news about the industry, addresses current issues and technology, and keeps members abreast of new developments in association publishing.

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If you supply products or services to the association market, you should be a regular advertiser in Association Media & Publishing's Signature magazine. Gain visibility by plugging into the Association Media & Publishing membership and target the association publishing market. Put your company in close touch with our members who work for associations across the country. View our Media Kit with complete editorial calendar, advertising, sponsorship and exhibitor information. Questions? Please contact Joseph S. Cavarretta, CAE at (703) 234-4095.

Signature pursues issues that are critical to the association industry, providing a "first point of reference" for best practices, reports and applications. No other publication provides such breadth and depth on all aspects of association publishing. Association publishing executives turn to Signature first for information about production, editorial, design, advertising, technology, social media and circulation.

Signature underwent a complete rebirth in January 2010, embracing a new name and logo, new departments, new columns, and taking its most popular design cues to the next level. Since the debut of the January/February 2010 issue, Signature has received a record number of letters to the editor (printed in a department called Readers Write) praising its boldness, refreshing playfulness, and complete relevancy to the audience it serves.

One way Signature encourages engagement with its readers is through a department called Designer Showcase. Each issue, one of Signature's feature articles is given to a graphic designer from the Association Media & Publishing membership to layout however they please. This no-holds barred opportunity allows the guest designer to change grids, fonts, color palette, type sizes and employ illustrations, art work and design schemes as the designer chooses to best communicate the message and tone of the content. It is a great opportunity for designers to showcase their talent and for fellow readers to get ideas to try out in their own publications.

It should be noted that in an age where transparency is espoused but not often delivered, Signature regularly bares its soul in a front-of-the-book column written jointly by the editor and art director called Under the Covers. This wildly popular column shares with Association Media & Publishing members a behind-the-scenes look of how each magazine cover came to be  including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Meet Association Media & Publishing's Editorial Director Carla Kalogeridis.

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