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Alexandria, VA
Thursday, December 11
12:00 - 2:00 p.m. (eastern)

Integrating Digital Media? Don't Start Without a Plan

By Stephen Karl

Leveraging digital media into your association's communications strategy can enhance member engagement and even increase revenue, but don't jump in just because everyone else is.

Taking Your Print Publications into the Digital Space

By Kristin Hubing

At a recent AM&P round table discussion, attendees gained a snapshot of what Adobe DPS can offer, with insights from one of the design firms that beta tested the original software.

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Why You Should Manage Digital Ad Sales Differently from Print

By J.T. Hroncich

Why Aren't You Creative?

By Erin Pressley

How did we lose our creativity? Perhaps more importantly, how do we get it back? And how do we inspire it in others?






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