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Thursday, July 24
2 - 3 p.m. (eastern)
Do you oversee your association's digital publishing business? Are you an advertising director? Or simply have a vested interest in delivering ROI with your association's digital publications? If so, be sure to attend this one-hour webinar sponsored by Adobe, where you will learn three grassroots tactics that innovative publishers are using to generate meaningful sponsorship and advertising revenue with their digital editions.





By Sarah Michaud

Can your association improve social media engagement with members more effectively through LinkedIn - or by building a private collaboration site?


By Jennifer J. Salopek

Are you focusing on the wrong things when you produce videos? Many of us are, says Patrick Mirza, multimedia producer at the Society for Human Resource Management. In his session at the AM&P Annual Meeting in May, Mirza notes that most video work occurs before the camera is even turned on. Devoting sufficient thought and time to planning your video production can increase the quality and impact of your videos significantly.


Mad Men or Mad Math? The Rebirth of Online Advertising
By Satish Polisetti

As more sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Buzzfeed blend ads directly into a user's content stream, the future of online advertising is quickly shifting. It's a brave new world defined by content, not dimensions; mad math, not mad men. Science and data, not merely creative endeavors.

What's a Publisher to Do When Brands Become Publishers?
By Brett Keirstead

Content marketing is on the rise and the brands-as-publishers trend is not going away anytime soon. In fact, 59 percent of B2B marketers are increasing their spending on content marketing, and 29 percent are decreasing spending on traditional advertising methods. This should be a red flag for association publishers that revenue is now being funneled into content marketing versus traditional mediums.


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